How To Set Up A Halloween Fog Machine

Fog machines are truly versatile devices that can set the mood for just about any event or party. There’s one time each year where they really come alive though, and that’s setting up a Halloween fog machine to create a spooky atmosphere at your home or another venue.

A Halloween fog machine is the perfect tool for any sort of scary environment you want to set up. Whether you’re using it for your own house, or you’re running a Halloween event, you can find a great many uses for a fog machine.

If you’re considering buying a fog machine for Halloween or already have one ready to go, you might be after some inspiration for how to put it to use. We’ve compiled some great Halloween fog machine ideas and advice for how to choose the best one to get the look and feel you’re after.

There’s little else you’ll need to do when you have a fog machine ready to go, whether it’s for trick or treating or a huge Halloween bash. We’ll show you the simple ways to get the best use out of this machine and exactly what fog juice you’ll need to create each special effect.

halloween fog machine

Why Fog Machines Are Perfect for Halloween

When you close your eyes and think about Halloween, what are the images that come to mind? Ghosts? Spooky graveyards? Haunted houses? Everyone getting dressed up and dancing to Halloween music? All of these things are amplified and made a reality with a fog machine and there’s no better time of year to put yours to use.

A Halloween fog machine can create many types of fog for many situations. A fog machine can be used to make a mild fog effect that’s ideal for welcoming trick or treaters to your door. It can even be used as a “smoke machine” to create a spooky fire-like effect. The possibilities are pretty endless, and in this article we will give you plenty of tips and tricks for inspiration and creating a scary setting of your own.

For those creepier settings that require a lot of mysterious fog and a scare factor that can only be achieved with minimal visibility, the fog machine again comes to the rescue. Fog machines are very versatile in this way, and can take things from creepy to terrifying pretty fast.

At the end of the day, the best approach for you is to think of what you are really trying to get out of a fog machine. Identify your needs and how you think fog could amplify your situation. From there, read our list to identify the machine and the type of fog that can help you to achieve this effect.

Choosing The Right Fog Machine For Halloween

Finding the best fog machine for Halloween is the first step in ensuring the success of your party. The features that your fog machine possesses will indicate the type of fog they create, so you might prefer to shop for something specific or choose a general model that can do it all.

When shopping for a fog machine, it will be clearly marked as to the type of fog that they are best suited at producing. So just be sure you understand what each type of fog looks like, and choose the best fog machines that are suited to your needs and your goals.

Here are some things you’ll need to consider when getting a fog machine for Halloween:


The size of your fog machine will impact its portability, but also how much output it has. Think about where you’re using it, like on a dance floor or to set up a spooky alley for kids to walk through and trick or treat, and shop for one that’s going to meet those size requirements.

As a general rule, the bigger a fog machine is, the more powerful it is and the more smoke it will be capable of pumping out. A powerful fog machine can fill a high amount of cubic feet per minute. However, if you are simply planning to use it as a Halloween prop, we suspect that you will be looking at the smaller, more portable options.

Extra Features

There are various settings available on fog machines including time intervals and intensity. Other features might include a fog/bubble machine in one or the lighting effects that are operated by the device as well.

Another feature that is common to many fog machines is a remote control. This allows you to operate the fog machine from a distance, and sometimes it is even a timer remote which only operates the machine for a small period of time. If you are planning a more extravagant Halloween presentation that doesn’t require constant fog, then a wireless remote might be what you are looking for.

Fog and Halloween go hand in hand as you can see from the many ideas and uses that this device has. There’s something truly spooky and mysterious about fog or “smoke” that allows it to give any space the finishing touch to create the perfect atmosphere for Halloween. Provided you shop for the best fog machine and the correct fog juice to go with it, this is a device that will be scaring guests for many Halloweens into the future.


Price won’t always have a big impact on your machine, but if you’re using it just for Halloween once a year there’s no need to invest in the biggest and best fog machine on the market. So depending on your needs, you can probably get away with a high value, portable fog machine that won’t cost you too much money.

Choosing The Right Fog Machine For Halloween

Getting The Fog Machine Fluid Right

With the right Halloween fog machine in your arsenal, you can now move onto choosing the perfect fog fluid. There are so many different styles of fog effects you can create and most of them are possible by choosing the right fog liquid. Fog effects are actually highly variable, so the one you choose will actually have quite a large impact on how your Halloween set-up ends up looking, so here are some for your consideration.

Long Lasting

Long lasting fog might not be as thick as some types, but it will hang around for longer. This is great for dance floors or setting up walkways and such. This is also ideal for outdoor settings, as fog tends to get blown away faster by winds.

Additionally, if you are looking for more bang for your buck, a long lasting fog might be a better investment because you can get a longer period of fog coverage.

Low-Lying Fog

A ground fog machine is excellent for producing low-lying fog. This fog will stay close to the ground and not rise much so it’s better for creating an atmosphere that’s mysterious but still lets people see where they’re going. A thick layer of fog adds a very noticeable level of ambiance and spookiness to many Halloween settings.

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As an example, if you are setting up a graveyard scene, a ground fogger can help you cover the ground in a blanket of fog. Not only does this add a creepy touch, the scary vibe is amplified by the mystery of what lies under the ground fog.


Rising fog might start off low but it fills the entire space and moves vertically up. This is better if you’re trying to cover a larger area. Rising fog could be great if you are trying to cover your whole front yard in fog, and create a thick layer of fog for everyone to walk through.

Thickness and Density

There are varying thickness levels of fog, with extra dense fog being near impossible to see through and light fog being better when people need visibility. The three general categories of fog thickness are haze, medium-density, and high-density:


Haze is great at creating at a subtle fog effect. It is generally the most transparent type of fog. For Halloween purposes, a haze machine could add a subtle spooky touch to your yard, without drawing the focus away from the decorations and props that you are most proud of.

Additionally, if you plan on including lights in your display, haze is often used to amplify light shows as the light visibly “cuts” through the haze. Lasers and LED lights are commonly used alongside haze to create a light show.

Medium-Density Fog

Next up is medium-density fog. This fog is still meant to be transparent, but not quite as much. If you still want the benefits of haze, but want your fog to be a bit more noticeable, then medium-density is a great choice.

High-Density Fog

On the other end of the spectrum is high density fog. This is meant to be the least transparent type of fog out there. The fog itself is highly noticeable, even to the point where it can obstruct your vision if you are inside it.

If you plan on a very elaborate Halloween display or even a haunted house, then high-density fog can be great for spooking your guests through obstructed vision and a sense of mystery.

Colored Fog

Some fog liquids come with a colorant in them which allows for colored fog, making them great for Halloween colors like red and orange. Colored fogs like this can even be made to replicate a fire-like “smoke” appearance to your fog.

As you can see, there are many different types of effects that can be created with fog juice types and fluid levels. Of course, many different fog machines are designed for specific types of fog as well. Your best bet here is to know what type of fog you are trying to achieve before you go searching for a fog juice and machine combination. Otherwise, you might find the possibilities to be quite overwhelming.

Getting The Fog Machine Fluid Right

Setting Up Your Fog Machine For Halloween

A fog machine is a one-stop shop when it comes to Halloween ideas, and there are so many great ways you can use it to decorate your party or event. The more ideas you start to pursue, the more you will realize just how much is possible with a fog machine during Halloween!

Of course, your needs will vary based on whether you need a fog machine for decorations, for a party or a nightclub, for a haunted house, or for something else entirely. Here are some suggestions for setting up a fog machine or Halloween:


If you are throwing a Halloween party, or organizing an event for a nightclub or event venue, then a fog machine can be an excellent touch to ensure that everyone is enjoying themselves. Some fog floating around the dance-floor along with disco lights is the perfect touch to a Halloween party.

A great type of fog to use here is a light haze. Haze allows so that everyone can still see clearly, and the fog isn’t overly intrusive. Also, the haze allows all the lights to cut through it, amplifying your light show into something truly unique.

Another idea is to use a low-lying for and a ground fogger to cover the dance floor in a layer of fog. Many have likened this to dancing on a cloud. For a Halloween theme, it adds that extra layer of mystery.


Have you ever wanted to spook up the area leading to your event or your house? If you’re having an event with a path or walkways to certain areas, filling it with fog can add a spooky feel to it. It can also be a creepy way for trick-or-treaters to enter your property.

A low-lying fog with a ground fogger is once again your best bet here. This covers the ground in a layer of fog, but won’t impact anyone’s visibility on your walkway. They will be able to easily get to where they want to go, but the scary environment will be significantly improved.

Haunted House

If you want to make a Halloween haunted house, a fog machine can be your best friend. The key to a good haunted house is the element of surprise and what better way to keep things hidden than with a dense fog in the area?

For this purpose, you might want to employ a high-density fog. Nothing is spookier to your guests than not knowing where they are going or what is around each corner. However, if you don’t want your haunted house to be the spookiest one out there, or want to cater more towards children, then a light haze will set the mood just fine.

Setting Up Your Fog Machine For Halloween- Haunted House

Front Door

If you’re welcoming trick or treaters to your home on Halloween you can set up your fog machine to be always running at the front door, or operating just inside so that when you open it up and welcome visitors they’ll get a waft of spooky fog.

For your front porch, you probably want to use some ground fog so that they still clearly see the front door. However, for inside you can go as wild as you want. If you want to spook trick-or-treaters by opening your door to a room cascading in fog, then you can do it with some high-density fog.

Another unique idea is to actually put your fog machine on the roof of your porch and have the fog cascading over your walkway. This effect can be achieved with a fog chiller that sends low-lying fog billowing over your front porch and creating a mysterious curtain.

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Halloween Party

Using a fog machine on the dance floor was already mentioned. But really, a fog machine can be used to spice up any Halloween party. Simply place a fog machine wherever you aim on adding an extra, creepy touch. They go great in the front entrance to your party to set the mood right off the bat.

Another popular option is to have a low-lying fog covering the food/beverage table. This way, the refreshments are swimming in a creepy layer of fog, so whenever your guests visit this popular area they get that Halloween feeling.


Make your Halloween lawn decorations even scarier with some eerie mist making its way around your front lawn. You can even decorate your front yard as a cemetery with some low-lying fog for some extra creepy appeal.

One of the most fun parts of Halloween is getting your entire house done up right, and that includes your front yard. The fog machine might be that last touch you need to really tie your whole theme together.

Enhance Your Props

Many people like to decorate their whole houses and yards on Halloween. We have touched on these ideas above, but there are certain ways to go above and beyond and add a whole new level of life-like spookiness to the various props and decorations that you use.

Here are some examples to get you inspired:


Another very popular idea for Halloween is the witch’s cauldron. Whether you put it on your front lawn, inside your house, or even put some candy inside it, a cauldron cooking effect can be very much improved by having some fog floating out of the top. Place a fogger at the bottom of the cauldron to have it billowing out.

For this, a great idea is even to use some colored fog. Colors such as red or orange can create the effect that something is actually heating up inside the cauldron.

Breathing Smoke

This one is a bit trickier to set up, but we think that you will find the rewards well-worth the effort. If you have a bigger prop (such as a monster or a zombie) and some PVC pipe, you can actually carve a piece of pipe to run through the mouth of the prop. Attach your fogger to the other end, and you have a creature that is breathing smoke.

This is for those people out there who are looking for a truly elaborate decoration and are willing to put in the effort.


Surely you have thought to use a pumpkin in your Halloween decorations, it is basically the official symbol of Halloween after all. However, fog machines can add some extra detail to even this most traditional decoration. You can carve a special hole in the back of your pumpkin and run the fogger through the pumpkin, which will have smoke pouring out the mouth.

This works especially well if you have a large pumpkin, as it is easier to attach the fog machine. Also, some low-lying fog makes it easier for the fog to pass through and roll out specifically the mouth of the pumpkin.

A Must-Have For Any Halloween Event

Fog and Halloween go hand in hand as you can see from the many ideas and uses that this device has. There’s something truly spooky and mysterious about fog that allows it to give any space the finishing touch to create the perfect atmosphere for Halloween. Halloween is such a special day for just about everyone. That includes all the minions of little kids who like to dress up as their favorite anime or movie characters and go door to door Trick or Treating, as well as all the adults who enjoy making the most talked about Halloween yard haunt displays in the neighborhood.

Whether you are fixing up your yard to be scary, having the Halloween party that people will be talking about for years, or decorating your business or theater for the most scary Haloween ever, a great modern fog machine is by far the easiest and most impressive way to own Halloween.

Most people think of spectacular costumes or realistic display characters that will be especially frightening. Monsters, witches, ghosts, cemetary stones, pumpkins, and lots of spider webs are mandatory. Add some colored lights, recorded music, and voices to your set and you’ll soon be hearing ooh’s and aah’s from every passerby. Chances are, you’ve done it in the past and done it well. Now you’re ready to take the one extra step that will kick things up a notch and make your Halloween set really come alive. You need a fog machine, not to mention lots and lots of spooky fog.


Fog is always about movement. It flows, grows, speads, rolls and creeps across your yard or floor. While your other characters and decorations may be static and still, fog is always on the move. It is literally alive with Halloween magic. Fog gives your Halloween set mood and atmosphere. It is the easy to create special effect that gives your decorations and characters a big dose of added eeriness and fright. Fog is particularly useful to enhance lighting. You can see a spotlight cutting across the stage when the area is filled with fog. Colored lights can make the fog have varying colors. Changing, moving lights within the fog is especially effective.

Fog can be dispersed to cover a wider area in height or to be thick and blanket-like from anywhere from a few inches to a couple of feet in height over the ground. That gives your set or display the feel of classic horror movies where fog special effects were used extensively. Those movies play constantly on TV and cable around Halloween, and will no doubt soon be streaming 24/7 on demand. Audiences are thoroughly familiar with the effect. It means frightening, thrilling Halloween fun at its best for just about everyone.

Hopefully this article has given you plenty of insight into the many uses of a fog machine during this time of year. A fog machine might end up being one of your most used tools on Halloween, and hopefully you have seen the true versatility of these machines.

The most important thing to remember when shopping for a fog machine (or some fog juice) is to know what type of fog you are looking for and what effect you are trying to achieve. As you have seen, there are many types of effects that can be created. So by knowing what you are looking for going into this decision, you will find the choice much less overwhelming. Before we  go, we’re going to share a few of our top picks with you to help you narrow down your options and to make the process of choosing the best fog machine for Halloween as painless as possible.

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What are the best fog machines for Halloween?

Here we go…

1 byone 400-Watt Fog Machine 

One of our favorites is this 400 Watt unit from 1byone. It is a capable and affordable fog machine with many modern features and safety you can count on. 1 byone is a leading manufacturer known for its innovative designs and solid construction. It will work well meeting the needs of demanding professionals and will be just about everything you could want for both home and business use.

This machine puts out a light scented fog that is just right for indoor areas. Lots of people use it for weddings and stage productions. It is a great choice for your Halloween party and can even work well for impressive outdoor yard haunts.

Remember the more wattage your fog machine has, the more fog it can produce. We like the 400-Watt, but you may opt for the 100 watt version.

This fog machine is easy and intuitive to operate. Glance through the instruction manual and you’ll be ready to go. It features a remote control that lets you manage the action from a distance. This is especially useful when you want to be the wizard behind the curtain in full control of your Halloween set or production.

Again the 1byone is well made and quite durable. Take care of it and it will take care of you. You will enjoy many years of impressive fog effects. Just what your Halloween needs to turn up in lots of social media pics and videos. Play your cards right and with a little luck and ingenuity, once the expontial power of social sharing kicks in, you could just find yourself well on your way to Social Media Superstardom, all thanks to your fabulous little fog machine.

ADJ Mister Kool II Fog Machine 

This is a dry ice machine perfect for creating a thick blanket or eerie fog that spreads and rolls across the floor. This is one of the best of the best fog machines out there for creating Hollywood quality special effects perfect for Halloween.

Rather than using dry ice that can be hard to find, the Mister Kool II uses common ice cubes. Get a bag of ice from your supermarket or C-store and you’re ready to rock. That combines with a water based fog juice to create a beautiful thick “dry ice” style fog.

It’s got a big chiller box that lets you load up to 4 pounds of ice cubes at one time. Combine that with the 12 foot long remote cord and control and you’re ready to sit behind the scenes and create thick fog all night long.

It puts out an impressive 3,000 cubic feet of fog every minute. It’s also fast. Turn the Kool II on and it heats up and is ready to go in just 3 minutes.

While the Mister Kool II is one of the very best for Halloween, you can also use it for weddings, dances, theatre, concerts, festivals, and everything else you do throughout the year.

Theefun 400-Watt Portable Fog Machine 

This machine is ideal for the Halloween enthusiast who just wants some quality fog to enhance any display, set, yard, haunt, or event. It even has a sturdy handle for carrying or to prop up the machine so it sprays fog at just the right angle.

The Theefun uses water-based juice to create a nice hazy fog that quickly fills an area. While the fog isn’t as big or dense as other machines, this one heats up and is ready to use in just 2 minutes. You’re up and running in no time to fill the room or area with quality, healthy fog.

As the name portable implies, this fog machine is designed to be picked up and carried around, and easily used for lots of different occasions. It is made of aluminum so it’s lightweight, durable, and will not easily rust or corrode. This is a great choice for keeping with your Halloween decorations to bring out and use each year. It makes a great long term investment.

Are you ready to own Halloween with the fog machine of your dreams?

Let’s say you’ve got two Halloween events you want to really knock out of the park this year: your mind blowing Halloween display in the front yard, and the killer Halloween party you’re famous for hosting every year. The past couple of years you’ve impressed everyone with your intricately detailed static displays and real lifelike characters. You also added lighting that gives off reds, blues, greens, with movement and extra eeriness. Now you want something more. Something that will take things to the next level. Something that will get everyone talking, raving, and pulling out their phones for pictures and videos. Something that’s destined to go viral and take on a life of its own.

Clearly a quality, affordable, easy to use fog machine will let you easily own Halloween. Whether you are creating a spooky haze with the Theefun 400-Watt Portable Fog Machine or going for a thick blanket of dense fog that recreates famous scenes from movies with the ADJ Mister Kool II Fog Machine, you will be miles ahead of the game with this remarkable special fog effect.

People are used to seeing fog used at major concerts, sporting events, and theatrical productions. They associate professional fog with major TV shows and big budget Hollywood movies. Just imagine how impressed they will be when YOUR Halloween set features realistic, extra spooky fog. Friends will want to know what Hollywood special effects crew you hired to make your Halloween the finest and most intriguing in town. It will be up to you who you choose to let in on your best kept little secret.

Halloween is almost here. There is still plenty of time to choose your fog machine, place your order, and receive it delivered to your door. Take just a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the controls and usage. Then load up your fog machine with fog juice, turn it on, heat it up, and start pumping out the fright with the fog machine of your dreams. Your new fog machine will no doubt be the most brilliant addition to your life that lets you own Halloween this year and for many fun, fog-filled years to come.