How To Clean A Fog Machine

How To Clean A Fog Machine

There’s nothing worse than getting your fog machine out of retirement for a birthday party of Halloween celebration, only to find it no longer works. Most people automatically assume they should be cleaning their fog machine to fix this issue, but it’s not always the answer.

Learning how to clean a fog machine also means learning when it’s time to do it. Sometimes people are too jealous in their efforts and end up doing more damage to the machine than good, so an important part of cleaning fog machine is knowing when exactly it’s time.

Fog Machine Cleaning

Once you’ve established that the best step is to give it a good clean, we can walk you through the steps and show you a great homemade fog machine cleaner to use. With some maintenance and TLC, you can ensure your fog machine lasts for many more years of entertainment.

Knowing When To Clean Your Fog Machine

October is coming around, you’ve got the fog machine out of the basement and want to give it a try to see if it’s still working. You pour in the fog machine fluid, turn it on, and nothing happens. The next step is to clean it out, right? Well, not always.

Before you get down to the cleaning part, there are some things to check. Most of the time the issue will be with the fog fluid you’re using and not the machine itself. In this case, make up a fresh batch of juice and see if that helps.

If you find that your machine still isn’t producing any fog, this is likely because it’s clogged. Therefore, learning how to unclog a fog machine will be an integral part of the cleaning process and an essential skill to have on hand.

How To Clean A Fog Machine

Fog machines aren’t complex devices, so cleaning them doesn’t require too much work. However, you will need to work slowly through the steps to ensure you’re taking care of every part. Try these out to give your fog machine a thorough cleaning.

Step 1: Find Somewhere Suitable

To clean your fog machine, you’ll need to move it outdoors as the smell from the cleaning solution can be quite powerful. Look for somewhere outside that’s close to an electrical outlet.

Step 2: Clean The Tank

Remove the tank from the unit and empty any remaining fog liquid out into the sink. Shake it a few times and leave it upside down to ensure all traces are gone. There’s no need to rinse it out as the cleaning solution will do that for you when you’re at that stage.

Step 3: Make Cleaning Mixture

Cleaning the fog machine can be done easily with natural ingredients that most people have at home. Use a mixture of distilled water and white vinegar with equal parts of each.

Cleaning Mixture

Distilled water is very important as it contains no minerals which can further clog up the machine. Mix the two liquids together.

Step 4: Pour It In

With the mixture made up, you can return the tank into the fog machine. Pour your cleaning mixture carefully into the tank where you normally pour your fog juice. Aim to fill it up as close to the top as possible without overflowing.

Most machines will need around half a liter of the vinegar water solution to be enough. Let the machine run and all of the cleaning solution to go through it.

Step 5: Rinse It Out

When the vinegar mixture is complete, you can then pour clean distilled water with nothing else back into the tank. Run it through again with just the distilled water now. This final part will ensure any trace remains have been flushed out. When it’s done, leave the machine and tank to air dry out.

Step 6: Clean Other Parts

With the tank cleaned out, you now need to work on the other parts. Spend some time wiping down the exterior of the machine and getting into every crevice possible. Use a small toothbrush or something similar to get in deep enough.

Next, scrape out the nozzle and look for any clogging there. If needed, you can insert a pin or needle into the nozzle to remove any excess dirt that may have built up.

Step 7: Test Your Fog Juice

Once the cleaning is done, you should now test your fog liquid to make sure it’s acceptable. Pour it into the tank and let the machine make fog for a few minutes to assess. When done, you can store it way. Always be sure that you test a batch of fog juice before you store it away when you’re finished cleaning otherwise it can do serious damage.

An Important Part Of Fog Machine Ownership

Fog machines are certainly a lot of fun, but just like any other machine, they require ongoing care and maintenance. Learning about your specific machine and what it needs to run smoothly is the best thing you can do to ensure it will serve you well for years to come.

Fog Machine Working

Before you attempt any type of cleaning, always check the manufacturer’s guide as to what’s acceptable for the machine. In some cases, you may void the warranty by using specific ingredients or products so you have to be aware of what’s allowed before you begin.

When taken care of correctly, fog machines don’t need a lot of regular cleaning and it’s generally recommended that you rarely do a deep clean like this. With regular maintenance of the exterior, keeping the hose clean, and using the right fogger fluid, you should be able to avoid these intense types of cleaning.

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