Are Fog Machine Fluid Ingredients Safe?

Propylene glycol or ethylene glycol is commonly used as the primary ingredient in fog machine fluids. These ingredients are known to be safe and are often used in pharmaceutical-grade chemicals. Fog fluids that use propylene glycol or ethylene glycol are odorless, non-irritating, non-toxic, and non-flammable.

This makes them excellent choices for the entertainment industry, including theatrical productions, parties, and photo shoots. They do not leave behind any oily residue and are water-based, meaning they can be easily cleaned.

There is no evidence to suggest that exposure to glycol fog poses any adverse effects on health, such as breathing difficulties or skin and eye irritation. Overall, fog machine fluids with propylene glycol or ethylene glycol as their primary ingredients are considered safe for use in creating atmospheric and visual effects.

are fog machine fluid ingredients safe

What Is Fog Machine Fluid Made Of

Fog machine fluids are primarily made of water-based ingredients, with a small amount of either glycol or glycerin added. The glycol or glycerin helps to ensure that the fluid is easily vaporized when it comes into contact with the heat exchanger. This process, known as “flashing,” quickly turns the fluid into cool steam, creating the desired fog effect.

Professional fog fluids typically use pharmaceutical-grade chemicals, such as propylene glycol, which are safe for use in the entertainment industry. These fluids leave little to no oily residue and are designed to provide the atmospheric and visual effects desired without causing any health risks or adverse effects when used correctly.

Different Types Of Fog Liquid

There are different types of fog liquids available in the market, but one common component used in most mixtures is propylene glycol or ethylene glycol.

1. Propylene Glycol-based Fog Liquid

Propylene glycol is a commonly used ingredient in fog liquids. It is responsible for creating the fog effect in fog machines. Fog liquids that use propylene glycol as the main component, like Antari fog liquids, are known for their safety. They are odorless, non-irritating, non-toxic, and non-flammable. This makes them an excellent choice for use in the entertainment industry, including theaters, photo shoots, and themed parties.

2. Water-based Fog Liquid

Water-based fog liquids are another common type of fog liquid. These fluids use distilled water as the primary ingredient, along with pharmaceutical-grade chemicals. They are known for producing atmospheric effects without leaving an oily residue. Water-based fluids are generally safe to use, as they do not pose any health risks or cause breathing difficulties. They are suitable for low-lying fog and can be used in combination with haze machines for creating visually stunning effects.

3. Oil-based Fog Liquid

Oil-based fog liquids, on the other hand, contain mineral oil as the primary ingredient. While they do create long-lasting fog with excellent hang time, there are some safety concerns associated with their use. Prolonged exposure to oil-based fog can cause eye and skin irritation. Additionally, they may pose a risk to smoke alarms and should be used with caution in enclosed spaces. It is important to carefully consider the type of fog machine and the specific requirements of the event or venue when choosing the type of fog liquid.

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When choosing fog liquids, propylene glycol-based fluids and water-based fluids are excellent choices due to their safe ingredients and effectiveness in creating various types of fog effects.

Differences Between Propylene Glycol And Ethylene Glycol

Propylene glycol and ethylene glycol are two common ingredients used in fog machine fluids. While both substances are used to create theatrical effects and provide a realistic atmosphere, there are crucial differences in their safety and environmental impact. Propylene glycol is regarded as safe for humans and the environment compared to ethylene glycol.

When used in fog machines, these liquids need to be heated up, which can increase exposure to harmful substances. Antari, a leading manufacturer of fog machines, strictly controls the temperature of their fog machines to ensure that the fluid only heats up to 200 degrees, producing optimal fog with propylene glycol-based liquids.

Tests conducted by the Mount Sinai School of Medicine on behalf of the Actor’s Equity Association and the League of American Theaters and Producers have confirmed the safety of Antari’s fog liquid. Therefore, choosing fog fluids with propylene glycol as the primary ingredient is a safe and responsible choice for creating atmospheric and visual effects in the entertainment industry.

Is Propylene Glycol Or Glycerin Better For Fog Machines

When it comes to choosing between propylene glycol and glycerin for fog machines, it depends on the specific application. Propylene glycol is generally the least persistent, while glycerin can create more long-lasting effects. For applications where dense concentrations of fog are required, such as leak testing or fire training, glycerin is often recommended to ensure a more persistent fog.

However, for other uses in the entertainment industry or themed parties, propylene glycol may be a better choice due to its ability to create atmospheric and visual effects without leaving oily residue or posing health risks. Ultimately, the decision between propylene glycol and glycerin should be based on the desired effect, hang time, and safety concerns.

Are Fog Machine Fluid Ingredients Safe- Different Types of Fog Machine Fluids

Can You Make Your Own Fog Juice

Yes, you can make your own fog juice using a basic composition of glycerin and water in a ratio of 1 part glycerin to 3 parts water. This simple formula allows you to adjust the thickness and density of the fog by adding more glycerin for a thicker fog or more water for a thinner fog.

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Making your own fog juice can be a cost-effective and convenient option for creating atmospheric effects for entertainment industry applications, such as parties, photo shoots, or theatrical productions.


Is fog fluid hazardous?

When used properly, fog fluids are not considered hazardous. However, it is essential to choose fog fluids that are made with safe ingredients, such as pharmaceutical-grade chemicals or ingredients that comply with safety regulations. It is always recommended to review the product’s safety data sheet and consult professionals in the entertainment industry for further guidance.

What are the ingredients in haze fluid?

Haze fluid, unlike fog fluid, typically contains water-based ingredients such as distilled water and pharmaceutical-grade chemicals. These ingredients are selected to produce a fine mist or haze effect that enhances atmospheric and visual effects during performances or photo shoots.

What is the difference between haze fluid and fog fluid?

The main difference between haze fluid and fog fluid lies in the type of effect they produce. Haze fluid creates a lighter, more dispersed mist that lingers in the air and enhances lighting effects, while fog fluid produces a denser, more concentrated fog that can be used for special effects or creating low-lying fog.

Is fog machine smoke bad for pregnancy?

While the use of fog machines in the entertainment industry is generally considered safe, it is advisable for pregnant women to avoid direct and prolonged exposure to fog machine smoke. This is due to the potential adverse effects that certain fog fluids or the chemicals they contain may have on respiratory health.

Is fog liquid flammable?

Most fog fluids, especially those considered safe for use in the entertainment industry, are not typically flammable when used as intended. However, it’s vital to read the labels and safety data sheets of the fog liquid to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations and to prevent any mishaps.

How long is fog fluid good for?

The shelf life of fog fluid can vary depending on the brand and composition. It is best to check the manufacturer’s guidelines or instructions provided with the fog fluid for specific information regarding its shelf life. Generally, unopened bottles of fog fluid can last for several years, while opened bottles should be used within a recommended time frame to maintain optimal performance.

Is glycol fog safe?

Glycol-based fog fluids, such as those containing propylene glycol, are commonly used in the entertainment industry and considered safe when used properly. These fluids are often used in commercially available fog fluids and are selected for their low toxicity and low health risk.

What fluids should be avoided to operate safely?

To ensure safe operation of your fog machine, it is recommended to avoid using oil-based liquids or fluids that contain mineral oil. These types of fluids can leave behind an oily residue, which can not only pose a safety concern but also potentially damage your machine.

What is the best solution for a fog machine?

When selecting fog machine fluids, it is recommended to choose high-quality, water-based fog fluids. These fluids are typically made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients or chemicals and are designed to produce safe and effective fog effects. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations or seek professional advice in the entertainment industry for the best solution for your specific fog machine.

Any advice to use a fog machine safely and avoid issues?

To safely operate your fog machine, it is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions. Keep in mind to always place the machine on a flat and stable surface, away from flammable materials. Additionally, ensure proper ventilation in the area where the fog machine is being used, as excessive fog can cause breathing difficulties and trigger smoke alarms.


In conclusion, fog machine fluid ingredients can be considered safe if they are made with high-quality and reputable components. While there may be concerns about certain chemicals, such as propylene glycol, it is important to note that it is commonly used in various industries, including the pharmaceutical and entertainment sectors.

Water-based fog fluids, which are commonly used in fog machines, are excellent choices for creating atmospheric and visual effects without leaving behind oily residue or posing significant health risks. These fluids typically consist of distilled water and other safe ingredients, ensuring a safer environment for both users and audiences.

It is essential to check the type of fog machine and the specific fluid being used to avoid any potential adverse effects. For instance, oil-based liquids may lead to breathing difficulties and skin or eye irritation, especially with long-term exposure. Therefore, opting for a water-based or pharmaceutical-grade fluid is recommended to minimize any potential health concerns.