Donner 500W Fog Machine Review

You might be thinking, ‘What can a fog machine possibly do for me?’ Well, the Donner Fog Machine (DFM-500) is here to show you!

From its two wireless remote controls to its preheating lamp and rapid warm-up, this machine offers ultimate fun for anyone looking to spice up their events or workouts.

With 2000 CFM of uniform, unscented fog, you can create a 20×30 ft space of foggy fun.

Plus, the FCC, CE, and RoHS certifications guarantee your safety.

Get ready for a foggy good time!


You’ll love the Donner Fog Machine’s specs, like its two wireless remotes, controllable RGB lights, aluminum construction, rapid warm-up time, and 2000 CFM output. Here’s what you can expect:


  • Remote Control
  • Lights
  • Construction
  • Output
  • Maintenance

Pros and Cons

You can enjoy the convenience and versatility of the Donner Fog Machine, but there are a few drawbacks to consider:

Compact and portableNo control of quantity/scope of smoke
Fast warm-up timeRapid initial burn-through of liquid
RGB lightsNo wireless remote included
Visible preheating lampLong-term performance uncertain

Design & Build Quality

You’ll love the Donner Fog Machine (DFM-500) for its wireless control, aluminum build, and rapid heating capabilities.

With two wireless remote controls, you can easily control the machine and its 13-color LED lights from up to 50 meters away.

Additionally, the aluminum body helps to better dissipate heat and the fog machine can get up to temperature in just 2-3 minutes.

Wireless Control

Experience a 50-meter radius of wireless controllability with the Donner Fog Machine’s two wireless remote controls. The primary remote control is for the fog machine itself, while the second is for the LED lights with 13 different colors.

With a wireless range of 50 meters, you can be sure to have complete control from any corner of the room. Plus, the wired controller has a 3-meter range if that’s more your style.

User feedback has been positive, with many loving the convenience of the wireless remotes.

The fog machine is FCC, CE, and RoHS certified, so you can be assured of its safety and quality.

Enjoy the ultimate fun and control with the Donner Fog Machine!

Aluminium Build

Enjoy the strength and durability of the Donner Fog Machine’s aluminum build. The machine is made from aluminum to ensure better heat dissipation. It’s also compact and portable, making it easy to take to parties and other events.

Plus, its aluminum construction makes it strong and durable enough to withstand everyday use. The aluminum build also helps keep the machine cool during use, to prevent any overheating problems. This makes it the perfect fog machine for all your parties and celebrations.

With its aluminum build, the Donner Fog Machine is sure to last you for years to come.

Rapid Heating

With a rapid warm-up time of 2-3 minutes, you’ll be able to get your party started in no time.

The Donner Fog Machine (DFM-500) heats up quickly and produces uniform, unscented fog with an output of 2000 CFM.

This efficient fog machine is sure to give you the longevity and user satisfaction you’re looking for. It is built from aluminum for better heat dissipation and also has controllable RGB lights and a visible preheating lamp.

Compact and portable, the fog machine is FCC, CE, and RoHS certified for safety. So you can be sure it’s a reliable companion for your next party or gathering.

Setup and Installation

Setup and installation of the Donner Fog Machine is quick and easy. Just plug in the machine and the wireless remote control.

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With a rapid warm-up time of 2-3 minutes, you can quickly get the party started.

For best results, we recommend using a mixture of distilled water, glycerin, and scented oil for the fog juice.

The wireless remote control allows you to control the fog machine within a 50-meter radius. The 3-meter wired controller is also included.


You’ll be impressed with the quality of output from the Donner Fog Machine (DFM-500).

With a rapid warm-up time of 2-3 minutes and an output of 2000 CFM, it can fill a 20×30 ft space with uniform, unscented fog.

Control the fog quantity and scope with ease and enjoy the ultimate fun with the Donner Fog Machine.

Output Quality

Experience the ultimate fun with the Donner Fog Machine! It produces uniform, unscented fog with an output of 2000 CFM.

With its rapid warm-up time, you can enjoy the satisfaction of fogging up your room quickly and effectively.

The fog machine is great for filling large spaces, such as a 20×30 ft room. It’s also ideal for finding air leaks in the house.

The fog machine is so effective that it burns through the liquid quickly at first, but lasts for a surprisingly long time after a few pumps.

Enjoy hours of fun with your friends and family with the Donner Fog Machine and its impressive output quality.

Warm-up Time

Enjoy the satisfaction of quickly fogging up your room in just 2-3 minutes with the Donner Fog Machine. Its rapid warm-up time ensures you don’t have to wait long to get the party started.

The fog machine has an output of 2000 CFM and produces uniform, unscented fog. Its effectiveness and durability make it a great choice for creating a lively atmosphere.

With its rapid warm-up time, you’re sure to get the desired effect quickly and efficiently. The fog machine is compact and built from aluminum for better heat dissipation, so it won’t take up too much room. And with its preheating lamp, you’ll know exactly when it’s ready to use.

Room Volume

You can easily fill a 20×30 ft space with the Donner Fog Machine’s dense fog. It has no control over the amount of fog it produces, but it can easily fill a large room with smoke.

With a rapid warm-up time of 2-3 minutes, you can be sure the fog will be ready when you need it. Alternatives to the fog machine are often expensive and require more setup, but the Donner Fog Machine is an affordable and easy-to-use option.

It also has a visible preheating lamp, making it easy to know when the fog is ready. If you need an effective way to fill a large space with fog, the Donner Fog Machine is a great choice.

Safety Features

You can feel safe and secure with the Donner Fog Machine (DFM-500). It has FCC, CE, and RoHS certifications for safety. The machine also has a rapid warm-up time of 2-3 minutes and a visible preheat lamp. With this fog machine, you can have the ultimate fun while knowing you are safe and secure.


Ensure your safety when using the Donner Fog Machine by taking advantage of its FCC, CE, and RoHS certifications.

The Fog Machine has been tested and passed all necessary safety tests to ensure that it is safe to use.

The FCC certifies that the device does not interfere with radio and television transmissions.

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CE certification is an international standard that verifies the device meets the essential requirements of applicable European laws.

RoHS is a European Union directive that restricts the use of hazardous materials in electronics.

All three certifications guarantee that the Fog Machine is safe to use in any environment.

With the Fog Machine’s safety certifications, you can enjoy its numerous features with peace of mind.

Rapid Warm-Up

Moving on to the ‘Rapid Warm-Up’ feature of the Donner Fog Machine (DFM-500), you’ll appreciate how quickly it heats up. With a warm-up time of only 2-3 minutes, you won’t have to wait long for the fog to start rolling out.

This advantage allows you to enjoy the fun and excitement of the fog machine quickly and with less hassle. From a user experience perspective, this rapid warm-up time allows you to use the fog machine more often without waiting for long periods of time.

Furthermore, it also saves you money in the long run since you won’t need to buy more fog juice for each use. All in all, this rapid warm-up time is one of the major advantages of the Donner Fog Machine.

Visible Preheat

You’ll appreciate the convenience of the visible preheat lamp on the Donner Fog Machine. This lamp lets you know when it’s ready to use and is visible from a distance. You can tell when your fog machine is ready without having to be right next to it.

The preheat lamp has both advantages and limitations. It’s great for letting you know when the machine is ready, but it doesn’t give you a precise indication of how hot the machine is. This can be beneficial if you’re impatient and don’t want to wait around for the fog machine to heat up. However, it can lead to less control over the output of the fog.


Maintaining your Donner Fog Machine (DFM-500) is easy and important for ensuring optimal performance.

Cleaning it regularly is essential for keeping it from clogging and jamming, and troubleshooting any issues quickly will help you continue to enjoy all the fun of fog effects.

Make sure to clean it after each use and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for troubleshooting any problems that arise.

Cleaning Tips

To ensure your Donner Fog Machine (DFM-500) stays in good condition, you need to properly clean it after each use. Follow a regular maintenance schedule to ensure the machine is always ready to go.

To clean it, first, unplug the power cord and then open the fog machine. Clean the interior with a cloth and brush, making sure to remove any residue. Wipe down the exterior with a dry cloth.

After reassembling the machine, test it to make sure it is working properly. It’s also important to regularly check the fluid level and replace it with the right fog juice as needed.

Doing regular cleaning and maintenance on your fog machine will help keep it in top condition.


If you experience any issues with your fog machine, troubleshooting can help you solve the problem.

To begin, check the power connection to make sure the machine is plugged in and that the circuit breakers are on. If the machine still is not working, unplug it and make sure all the connections are secure.

The most common issues with the Donner Fog Machine (DFM-500) are related to the remote control, the fog output, and the preheating lamp.

Check the remote’s battery, and if the LED lights are not working, try resetting the remote.

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If the fog output is weak, it might be due to a clogged nozzle. Clean and clear the nozzle using a cotton swab.

If the preheating lamp is not working, check the thermal fuse and replace it if needed.

With some troubleshooting tips and a bit of patience, you can get your fog machine up and running again.

Who Is It for

You’ll love the Donner Fog Machine if you’re looking for a fun way to add atmosphere to your event. It’s compact, portable, and easy to use, with a rapid warm-up time of 2-3 minutes and a wireless remote control for a 50-meter radius.

The LED lights feature 13 colors and controllable RGB. It produces uniform, unscented fog with an output of 2000 CFM, and can fill a 20×30 ft space with ease. Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, citing its durability, performance, and value.

However, if you’re looking for a machine with precise smoke control, this isn’t the one for you. It is also not ideal for those who are sensitive to smoke or unscented fog.

Otherwise, the Donner Fog Machine is a great choice for those looking for a reliable, affordable, and fun addition to their event.

Worth Buying

With its durability, performance, and value, the Donner Fog Machine is definitely worth the investment.

The machine is certified by the FCC, CE, and RoHS for safety, and its aluminum construction ensures long-term durability.

The fog machine has a rapid warm-up time of 2-3 minutes and produces uniform, unscented fog with an output of 2000 CFM.

The user is impressed with its ability to fill a 20×30 ft space and its rapid burn rate of fog juice.

The machine also comes with two wireless remote controls for the haze machine and LED lights, and it has controllable RGB lights and a visible preheating lamp.

Overall, the user is satisfied with the fog machine and believes it’s a great buy.

How We Tested It

You’ve heard the rave reviews about the Donner Fog Machine (DFM-500) and you’re ready to take the plunge. But how do you know if it’s really worth the money? We’ve put it to the test and here’s what we found.

Testing methods included making our own fog juice, controlling the fog with both wireless and wired remotes, and observing the preheating lamp. We filled a 20×30 ft space and noted the duration of fog as well as the fog’s uniformity.

Next, we sought user feedback and were pleased to find that the machine was a hit! It was an “ultimate fun” experience for dancing, working out, and hosting parties. Plus, it held up well, even after a few pumps.

We’re happy to report that the DFM-500 lived up to its promise. With a rapid warm-up time, controllable RGB lights, and visible preheating lamp, it’s a great buy. So, go ahead and make the investment for an “ultimate fun” experience.

Final Verdict

After testing it out, it’s safe to say that the DFM-500 is a great buy for anyone looking for a reliable fog machine. The rapid warm-up time of 2-3 minutes and the impressive output of 2000 CFM make this fog machine an ideal choice.

The wireless and wired controllers are also convenient to have. Plus, with FCC, CE, and RoHS certifications, you can be sure that the machine is safe to use.

The fog machine also holds up well in the long run, with no problems after two uses. Additionally, you can make alternative fog juice options with a plastic container, distilled water, glycerin, and scented oil.

All in all, the Donner Fog Machine is an excellent choice for any party or event.