Singing Machine Karaoke Systems Review: SML385UBK vs SML625BTBKD

Bring the fun and excitement of karaoke into your own home with the help of Singing Machine® Karaoke Systems, the world leader in karaoke products for home use. Singing Machine® provides so much more than a simple karaoke machine that plays boring music and lyrics on a screen. 

Both the Singing Machine® SML385 and SML625BT models are complete Bluetooth Karaoke Systems designed to be center stage at your next party or get together. Each feature some of the newest technology available in consumer karaoke, including recording and streaming your performances. 

We will uncover all of the features available in both karaoke systems. Compare any similarities and differences to offer you the most valuable reviews. If you want to take your next party to the next level, or just have some fun at home with the kids, without paying way more than you need to, or will be the life of the party.

singing machine karaoke systems

Features at a Glance

FeaturesSinging Machine SML385Singing Machine SML625BT
CD + Graphics?YesYes
Streaming KaraokeNo, audio onlyYes
Microphone?Wired, 1 includedWired, 1 included
USB Connectivity?YesYes
LED Lights54 Dimmable LED Disco Lights40+ Multi-colored, synced to music
Aux line-in?Yes
Vocal EffectsEcho and Master VolumeVolume
Mobile App?Yes
Display Screen?
PriceCheck AmazonCheck Amazon

Features Explained

CD + Graphics

Compact Disc and Graphics (CD+G) is an audio CD that includes synced lyric graphics data. This is the type of disc that will allow you to see and hear the music as you sing along. Both models also have the ability to play standard audio CDs as well.

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Bluetooth Connectivity and Streaming

This feature allows you to connect any Bluetooth device to your karaoke system. The system then becomes a Bluetooth speaker. The Singing Machine SML625BT can also stream karaoke songs on demand using the free mobile app, available on Android and iOS devices. 


Each system comes with one wired microphone. You can add another microphone, using the second auxiliary port, for singing duets. Additional microphones are sold separately.

USB Connectivity

If you want to, you can record or playback your karaoke performance via the included USB port. USB also allows you to connect devices that are not Bluetooth compatible with your karaoke system.

LED Lights

There are several multi-colored LEDs built into the external casing surrounding the speaker and controls. Depending on the model the LED lights can be dimmed or synchronized with the music for a disco effect.

Auxiliary Port

An additional auxiliary port allows even more connection options for MP3 players or other devices that are unable to be connected via Bluetooth or USB.

Voice Effects

Depending on the model, voice effects refer to control over volume and echo of each microphone. This also allows you to control the audio playback volume of any audio track. 

Mobile App

Singing Machine® offers a free mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. The app gives you both free and two premium subscription options for access to over 14,000 karaoke songs to download. Using the app, you can add features to your karaoke experience, such as backup vocals, queue up to 100 songs for continuous play, or customize the lyric display.

Free plan 

  • 5 full-length songs each month
  • 30-second samples of any song
  • List Element
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Weekly Plan

  • Access to the entire song collection
  • Auto-renews every week
  • Cancellation 24 hours before the renewal

Monthly Plan

  • Access to the entire song collection
  • New songs added each month
  • Auto-renews each month unless canceled more than 24 hours prior.

Singing Machine® SML385

Consistently named the Best Karaoke Machine for 2019, the SML385 offers all of the best of Singing Machine® with some added bonuses. Echo voice effects, dimmable LEDs, and separately controlled microphones allow the singer(s) to be the life of the party. 

Each purchase includes 5 free digital song downloads, RCA cables, AC adapter, one wired microphone, and the Bluetooth karaoke unit. 

Great fun for users of all ages. The adjustable volume control allows even young children the ability to sing along with their favorite artists. Audio lyrics can also be completely muted for more advanced users.

Based on thousands of positive reviews

  • The Singing Machine SML385 makes a great addition to any party. 
  • Can be used by people of all ages and skill levels
  • Offers great audio quality for karaoke or used as a speaker
  • A quality karaoke machine for under $50
  • and Makes a great gift!

Singing Machine® SML625BT

If you want to step up your karaoke, then Singing Machine®’s SML625BT offers some of the newest technology in home karaoke systems available for under $100. 

In addition to all Singing Machine standard features, this model includes the ability to stream karaoke songs directly to the unit with the Singing Machine Free Mobile Karaoke app. Over 40 multi-colored LED disco lights that can be synced to the music. 

With the karaoke machine, you also get RCA cables to connect to a TV, AC power adapter, one wired microphone, and 5 free digital song downloads. You also get access to the mobile app for free and paid options for thousands of karaoke songs.

Based on several positive reviews

  • This karaoke machine is versatile and a great buy for under $80
  • Dancing disco lights (synced to music) is a great addition to any get-together
  • This machine is a great way to get people up and singing
  • Bluetooth streaming of karaoke songs is a great feature


  • 40+ multi-colored LED disco lights that can be synced to music
  • Supports CDs and CD+G, as well as most digital karaoke songs
  • USB compatible
  • 3-digit LED display shows song track
  • 2 microphone ports
  • Available in Black or White
  • Plug and play to any RCA equipped TV
  • Bluetooth enabled


  • Not compatible with wireless microphones
  • Lights syncing does not work with all music, especially other brands
  • Bluetooth pairing difficult with some devices

BONUS Tip: Many owners of both Singing Machine® Karaoke systems have discovered that you can connect a smartphone or other device and use YouTube to access a huge library of karaoke music. Although the lights will likely not sync on the SML625BT model.


There is no doubt in our minds that Singing Machine® Karaoke Systems are the best at-home karaoke machines in their price range. Sure, there are many other options out there, but no other US-based company has the record of providing quality karaoke systems to everyday users.