Fansteck Fog Machine with Lights Review

Are you looking for the perfect addition to your next party? Look no further than the Fansteck Fog Machine with Lights.

This versatile and exciting party essential features twelve adjustable colors and four special effects, all controllable from the included remote control.

Fast fog production and a 2500 CFM output make it a party favorite, while its aluminum body and fuse protection make it safe and reliable.

Make your next party a night to remember with the Fansteck Fog Machine with Lights.


You’ll love the specs of this Fansteck Fog Machine with Lights, featuring 12 adjustable colors, 4 special effects, a 30-meter remote control, 500W machine, fast fog production, 2500 CFM output, non-toxic fog production, and a 300ml tank with a compact aluminum body and fuse protection.

The Fansteck Fog Machine with Lights is a versatile and exciting party essential, perfect for any celebration. Its non-toxic fog production ensures safety and its remote control offers an easy setup and installation. With 12 adjustable colors and 4 special effects, you’ll definitely make your party stand out!

Pros and Cons

With its 12 adjustable colors, 4 special effects, and remote control, this product is both convenient and entertaining for any event. No matter the occasion, this Fansteck Fog Machine with Lights is sure to give your guests a memorable experience.


  • Fast fog production and 2500 CFM output
  • Non-toxic fog production with a 300ml tank
  • Compact aluminum body with fuse protection
  • Lights added to the effect and made it look better
  • Remote control with a 30-meter radius


  • Difficulty controlling the smoke release with the remote
  • Not a low lying fog machine
  • Machine functioned for the first two weeks but stopped working later

Design & Build Quality

You’ll be impressed with the design and build quality of this fog machine.

Its compact aluminum body houses 500W of fast fog production, and the machine is protected by a fuse for added safety.

Plus, it has 12 adjustable colors and 4 special effects for an exciting and versatile party experience.

Compact Aluminum Body

Experience the convenience of a compact aluminum body with the fog machine, durable enough to last through hours of use.

This 500W machine has fuse protection and features a cooling system efficiency that can be further improved with a DIY approach.

The aluminum body not only adds to its durability and reliability, but also to the machine’s portability.

With the remote control, you can have a 30-meter radius of coverage and use the 12 adjustable colors and 4 special effects to create an entertaining atmosphere.

Enjoy up to 9 hours of fog production with the 300ml tank and 2500 CFM output.

Make your parties more exciting with this fog machine and its lights!

Fast Fog Production

Enjoy a fast-paced atmosphere with this fog machine’s 500W and 2500 CFM output. With a powerful motor, you can be sure you’ll get a fog show that is reliable, efficient, and exciting.

The fast fog production not only provides great atmosphere but also helps with fog machine maintenance and troubleshooting fog machine issues. It’s easy to keep up with this machine, and you can enjoy an awesome fog show without having to worry about it breaking down.

Plus, its compact aluminum body and fuse protection make it a safe and portable party essential.

Fuse Protection

Stay safe and protected with this fog machine. It features a compact aluminum body and fuse protection. Fuse protection ensures your fog machine won’t overheat and malfunction, helping you avoid costly damage and repairs. Troubleshooting tips such as checking the fuse and resetting the machine are also helpful to avoid any mishaps.

Plus, you can be confident that the machine won’t be damaged due to power surges or voltage fluctuations. With this fog machine, your parties can be worry-free and full of fun! Get the most out of your fog machine with its reliable fuse protection and enjoy the show!

Setup and Installation

Set up your fog machine quickly and easily with the included remote control and fuse protection. Instructions can be found in the user manual, but for a quick start, make sure the machine is connected to a power source and the tank is filled with fog liquid.

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If you’re having trouble, check for any loose wires or connections in the back of the machine. Follow the troubleshooting guide for more detailed instructions and installation tips.

The remote control has a 30-meter radius, giving you the ability to control the fog machine from afar. You can adjust the colors, special effects, and smoke output with the press of a button.

Enjoy an exciting and versatile party experience with your fog machine and lights.


You’ll be impressed with this fog machine’s power and coverage! It can produce up to 2500 CFM of fog with a 500W motor.

It also has a remote control, so you can control it from up to 30 meters away.

With 12 adjustable colors and 4 special effects, you can create an amazing atmosphere for any event.

Output Power

Experience the power of the fog machine with its 500W output and 2500 CFM. Create an exciting and unique atmosphere for your next event! You won’t be disappointed with this machine’s output power. It can fill up a space quickly and last for hours. Thanks to its 500W output, you can create a dense fog that will last for a long time. The 2500 CFM helps make sure the fog is evenly distributed. Plus, you can adjust the fog duration to your needs, ensuring you have the perfect atmosphere for your occasion.

Get ready to make your event unforgettable with this fog machine’s output power!

Fog Coverage

Enjoy the comprehensive coverage of the fog machine, with its fast fog production and wide 30-meter remote control range, and create a truly unique atmosphere for your event!

Unlike smoke machines, fog machines produce a non-toxic fog, allowing you to enjoy the effects without worrying about potential health hazards. Plus, you can easily adjust the color of the fog and the intensity of the effect using the remote control.

For a more creative approach, you can also try some DIY fog machine alternatives, such as using ice cubes or dry ice to create a unique fog effect.

With this fog machine, you can create an exciting and unforgettable atmosphere for any event!

Remote Control

Take control of your event with the convenient and efficient remote control of the fog machine!

With its 30-meter radius, you can easily adjust fog output, colors, and special effects from a distance.

Troubleshooting tips include ensuring that the remote is on the same frequency as the machine, as well as taking advantage of alternative uses like controlling the smoke for theatrical performances.

Plus, the remote also allows for quick activation of fog when needed.

With the fog machine’s remote, you can create a dynamic atmosphere that will capture the attention of all your guests.

Safety Features

You can feel confident that your next party will be safe and enjoyable when you use the Fansteck Fog Machine with Lights.

With a remote control radius of 30 meters, non-toxic fog, and fuse protection, you can rest assured that your guests will be safe from harm.

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Not only that, but you’ll be able to create the perfect atmosphere with the adjustable colors and special effects, making your event an unforgettable success.

PrecautionsBest Practices
Use high-quality fog liquidNeed to be nearby to supervise the machine
Machine best for indoor use or areas without windCreate a DIY cooling system with ice for better smoke coverage
Understand the machine’s purpose and limitationsRefill the tank when necessary

Remote Control Radius

With the remote control, you can control the fog machine from up to 30 meters away. This is an impressive range compared to some other fog machines, which can often only reach up to 10 meters.

With this range, you can control the fog machine from most areas of a room or a stage, giving you plenty of freedom to move around.

The remote control also has a number of buttons, allowing you to adjust the color, speed, and volume of the fog. It’s a great way to customize your fogging experience and add some extra flair to your party.

And with the 30-meter range, you can rest assured that your fog machine will be up and running even when you’re in the back of the room.

Non-Toxic Fog

Enjoy a safe and non-toxic fogging experience with this machine’s 300ml tank.

With its 500W power and 2500 CFM output, the fog machine ensures that no health effects will be felt during use.

In addition to being a great addition to a party, this machine can also be used in other creative ways, such as creating a fog-filled atmosphere for a theatrical performance.

Its non-toxic fog production is also great for adding a bit of mystery to a Halloween event.

This machine is a versatile and exciting party essential, so you can be sure that your guests will have an unforgettable experience.

Fuse Protection

Stay safe with this machine’s fuse protection, ensuring a secure and long-lasting fogging experience.

This fog machine has a built-in fuse that helps to prevent any potential damage and keeps your fogging party safe.

Fuse protection helps to ensure that the machine can operate at its peak performance, and it’s an important part of maintenance and troubleshooting.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintaining the machine, and always check the fuse if you experience any issues with the fog machine.

With a few simple maintenance tips and a troubleshooting guide, you can be sure that your Fansteck Fog Machine with Lights will provide an exciting and memorable experience.


Hey, party-goers! We know you want your fog machine to look and function its best, so here’s a few tips on maintenance.

First, make sure you regularly clean the machine and its components.

Secondly, make sure you monitor the fluid level and refill it when necessary.

Taking the time to keep the machine clean and maintained will ensure you get the best results and the most out of your machine!

Cleaning: Regularly Clean the Machine

To ensure optimal performance, regularly clean your fog machine with a damp cloth. Cleaning your fog machine regularly is essential to extend its life and to make sure it produces the best fog effects.

Use a damp cloth to dust off the exterior of the fog machine, and use a damp cloth or compressed air to get rid of any dust and debris that have collected inside. Make sure to clean the nozzle as well.

Troubleshooting common issues can also be done through regular cleaning, as dust and debris can cause the fog machine to malfunction. Additionally, using a good quality fog liquid will help to ensure that your fog machine works properly and produces the best effects.

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Cleaning your fog machine regularly is a simple but important way to keep it in good shape and ensure that you get the most out of it.

Refilling: Monitor the Fluid Level

Monitoring the fluid level of your fog machine is key to maintaining effective fog production. Refilling your fog machine with the best practices will help you troubleshoot fluid level issues.

Be sure to check the level of fluid in your fog machine after every use to ensure that it is at the desired level. If it is not, you can top it up with water or fog liquid, whichever is appropriate.

If you are running a long event, it is advisable to check the fluid level every few hours. If the fog machine is running low, you can top it up to avoid running out of fog during the event.

Also, if you are running the fog machine for an extended period of time, it is best to replace the fog liquid with a fresh batch. This will help keep the fog machine running smoothly and efficiently.

Who Is It for

You’ll love the versatility of this Fansteck Fog Machine with Lights, making it the perfect party essential for anyone looking for an exciting and unique experience.

From kids’ birthdays to adult gatherings, the Fansteck Fog Machine with Lights can create the perfect ambiance for different party themes and occasions.

With its 12 adjustable colors and 4 special effects, you can easily customize the look and feel of any event.

To maximize the visual effects, use a high-quality fog liquid and set the machine up in an area without wind.

With the remote control, you can control the fog machine from up to 30 meters away.

Make your party a memorable one with this Fansteck Fog Machine with Lights!

Worth Buying

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience at your next gathering, this Fansteck Fog Machine with Lights is worth buying!

It offers cost effectiveness and long term savings compared to other party effect options.

With a 500W motor, 12 adjustable colors, special effects, and a 30-meter remote radius, this machine packs a punch.

Plus, it’s non-toxic and has a 300ml tank for a longer lasting fog.

It produces 2500 CFM output with a fast fog production so you can keep the party vibes going.

The aluminum body adds durability and fuse protection for safety.

Plus, it’s easy to set up and use, making it the perfect addition to any event.

How We Tested It

We tested this machine extensively to make sure it would be a reliable addition to your event. We tried it out at a variety of events including a VBS at church and a party. We also consulted user feedback and analyzed the various testing methods used.

The fog machine was able to produce a thick fog that lasted for a long time and the addition of the lights made it even more impressive. Unfortunately, controlling the fog with the remote was a bit difficult. However, with a bit of creativity, like the DIY cooling system, it was still manageable.

Overall, the machine proved to be a great choice for a versatile and exciting party essential.

Final Verdict

Overall, this product is a great choice for adding a unique and thrilling atmosphere to any event. With 12 adjustable colors and 4 special effects, the Fansteck Fog Machine with Lights is sure to make your party the talk of the town.

Maintenance tips such as using a high-quality fog liquid and understanding the machine’s purpose and limitations are essential for an enjoyable experience.

Troubleshooting common issues like controlling the smoke release with the remote and kickstarts can be quickly resolved with the right knowledge.

With a 500W machine and fast fog production, it’s no wonder why this product has become a party essential.