Uzone 500W Fog Machine Review

Are you looking for a spooky, yet simple way to set the tone for your Halloween party? Look no further than the Uzone 500W Fog Machine.

This versatile device offers a tantalizing combination of fog and colored light, making it the perfect party essential. With a 500W power supply, 350ml tank, and remote control, it’s a breeze to set up and use.

Let this machine cast its eerie spell over your guests and get ready for a night of frightful fun!


You’ll love the easy-to-use Uzone 500W RGB lights fog machine’s 500W power supply, 350ml tank, and wireless remote control for your next Halloween party! With this product, you can create dramatic special effects, such as thick fog and a combination of fog and colored light. It’s a great alternative to purchasing individual fog machines and DIY fog machine ideas, while being energy-saving and non-toxic.

Here’s a quick look at the specs:

RGB Lights EffectCombination of fog and colored light, 3 LED lights
Thick Fog Effect500W power supply produces 2000 CFM to 2-3 meters
Easy to UseWireless remote control, visible fluid level, handle
Energy SavingEquipped with a 350ml tank for long-lasting fog

This fog machine is perfect for creating an unforgettable atmosphere for any Halloween party or event. With its easy setup and easy-to-use remote control, you can create a spooky, yet fun atmosphere for your guests to enjoy!

Pros and Cons

You’d be surprised at how much this device can do for your event – from creating a vibrant atmosphere to producing thick fog in a few seconds. An Uzone Fog Machine is a great Halloween party essential!

Easy to useNo controls on the machine itself
Fast responsive remoteLack of control for the lights
Quick heat-up time
Bright LED lights

Design & Build Quality

You’ll be impressed by the design and build quality of this RGB lights fog machine. Its compact size makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, while its remote control allows for precise timing.

The 3 LED lights give off a stunning effect, making it a versatile Halloween party essential.

Compact Size

With its compact size, you can easily move the fog machine around to create a spooky atmosphere for your Halloween party. Its portability makes it perfect for any size room, while its 500W power supply ensures plenty of fog production. Plus, it comes with a handle, so you can quickly move it between rooms.

The remote control also makes it easy to turn off and on, so you can focus on the party. And, the 3 LED lights add to the atmosphere, creating a colorful, foggy experience for your guests. The fluid tank can last up to 3 hours, so you won’t have to worry about running out of fog.

All in all, this fog machine is the perfect addition to your Halloween party.

Remote Control

Enjoy the convenience of controlling your fog machine with a wireless remote. This allows you to adjust the timing and intensity of the fog to your desired needs. The benefits of a wireless remote are endless. It allows you to add the perfect fog effect to your Halloween party. With a few clicks of the remote, you can easily customize the amount of fog for any setting. You can also time the fog machine to coincide with spooky music or sound effects. This gives you the ultimate freedom to create an unforgettable Halloween atmosphere.

To maximize the use of the remote control, you can use it to create unique patterns and effects with the fog. Try creating a spooky fog tunnel or a swirling fog effect to really set the mood for your guests. With the remote control, you can also adjust the brightness and color of the LED lights. This allows you to create a truly unique and eerie Halloween experience.

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LED Lights

Experience an unforgettable atmosphere with the adjustable LED lights of your fog machine. These lights provide the perfect combination of colors and brightness, allowing you to create a unique atmosphere. Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or just adding a spooky touch to your home decor, your fog machine’s LED lights are the perfect way to set the mood.

With its 3-LED lights, you’ll have endless creative lighting ideas for your Halloween parties. You can easily incorporate these lights into your home decor, adding a touch of magic to any room. The best part is that the lights are adjustable, so you can choose the perfect combination of colors and brightness to suit your needs.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your home with the mesmerizing LED lights of your fog machine. Get ready to create an unforgettable atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Setup and Installation

Setting up this fog machine is easy and straightforward. Just plug it in and start creating your spooky atmosphere!

To make sure your installation is successful, check the fluid levels and make sure the lights and fog are working correctly. If you’re having trouble, consult the troubleshooting guide included with your machine.

Additionally, you may want to consider tips for optimizing the position and angle of the machine. This will help ensure that the fog and lights are distributed evenly throughout your space.

For even more convenience, you can use the wireless remote control to create the perfect atmosphere for your Halloween party.


You will be amazed at the performance of this Uzone 500W Fog Machine!

It has a quick heat-up time for the heater element, so you can start creating your fog show in no time.

The bright LED lights add a touch of ambiance to the lighting, and the remote control allows you to control your fog show with ease.

This easy-to-use, versatile Halloween party essential is sure to be a hit!

Quick Heat-up

With a quick heat-up time for the heater element, you can quickly and easily enjoy the powerful Uzone 500W Fog Machine for your Halloween party.

Its heating element efficiency ensures that fog fluid is quickly heated and ready to create thick, long-lasting fog.

Plus, it’s compatible with a wide variety of fog fluids, allowing you to choose the perfect fog for your event.

To ensure the best results, make sure to aim the remote control closer to the machine for optimal performance.

This machine is perfect for creating a spooky atmosphere at your next Halloween party. Now you can create a haunted house experience, a rock and roll photo-op, or a thrilling trunk or treat setting!

The colorful LED lights add ambiance to the fog, creating a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Get ready to make some unforgettable memories with the Uzone 500W RGB lights fog machine!

Bright LED Lights

If you’re looking for creative lighting ideas for Halloween parties this year, you can’t go wrong with Uzone 500W RGB lights fog machine. This easy-to-use device is packed with bright LED lights that create an amazing atmosphere.

Not only does it add a great ambiance to the party, but it’s versatile enough to be used in both indoor and outdoor venues. Plus, the remote control lets you take control of the lights for a truly custom experience.

The LED lights are perfect for giving your home decor a spooky Halloween touch too. Even better, the fog machine is affordable and performs beyond expectations!

Remote Control

Take control of the atmosphere at your next gathering with the wireless remote control of the fog machine. No need to be at the machine to operate it, you can change the settings from a distance with just a few simple clicks.

With this remote, you can select different fog and light programs, manage the intensity of the fog, and even control the speed of the fog output. You can also choose from four different remote control options, depending on your specific needs.

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Alternatives to remote control are also available, such as a manual switch or voice-activated control, so you can find the best option for your party.

Make your next gathering an unforgettable experience with the convenience of the fog machine’s remote control!

Safety Features

You’ll love the safety features of this Fog Machine!

The wireless remote control allows you to easily control the fog and lights from a distance, while the non-toxic, energy efficient fluid ensures your guests’ safety.

Plus, the 350ml tank ensures long-lasting fog production.

With this machine, you’ll be able to create a truly spooky atmosphere for your Halloween party!

Wireless Control

Enjoy the convenience of controlling your RGB lights fog machine with the wireless remote control. This allows precise timing for your Halloween party, with a wireless range of up to 50 feet.

You can also adjust the fog intensity, from a light mist to a thick cloud. With the easy to use remote, you can create the perfect atmosphere for your celebration.

Set the mood with the dynamic combination of fog and colored light, and watch it transform your party space. The 500W power supply produces up to 2000 CFM, making it a great choice for creating the desired effect.

With the handle, you can easily move the machine to the desired spot. Enjoy the convenience and creative possibilities of the wireless control and make your Halloween party a memorable one!

Non-Toxic Fluid

Be assured that the non-toxic fluid used in the fog machine is safe for your guests.

Pros of using non-toxic fluid in fog machines include a long-lasting fog production and no risk of toxic fumes being released into the air.

The best non-toxic fluid for fog machines are those that are labeled “smoke fluid” or “fog juice”.

However, there are some cons to using non-toxic fluid, such as less of a thick fog effect compared to traditional fog fluid.

But overall, the pros outweigh the cons, making non-toxic fluid the best choice for those seeking to create a dramatic effect at their Halloween party.

Energy Efficient

You can count on the energy efficient fog machine to provide an impressive display of fog and light. With a 500W power supply producing 2000 CFM, it will create a mesmerizing atmosphere in no time.

Plus, its energy-saving design means you won’t have to worry about excessive energy consumption. The fog machine is also designed to be environmentally friendly, so you won’t have to worry about the impact on the environment.

Plus, the wireless remote control enables easy and precise timing for your desired effect. So, you can create the perfect atmosphere for your Halloween party, without the worry of energy consumption or environmental impact.


Maintaining your Uzone RGB Lights Fog Machine is easy! Regularly wiping down the machine with a damp cloth will keep it looking like new.

For storage, make sure to keep your machine in a dry place, as moisture can damage the machine’s components.

Taking a few minutes to care for your machine will ensure it lasts party after party!

Cleaning: Regularly Wipe Down the Machine

Regularly wiping down your fog machine will help keep it in top condition for your next Halloween party. Proper maintenance and cleaning techniques can help you avoid common issues and troubleshooting tips.

Cleaning the machine regularly is essential to keep it in good shape. Start by taking out the fluid tank and wiping down the exterior with a damp cloth. This will remove any dirt or dust that has accumulated on the machine. Avoid using any abrasive materials or harsh chemicals as this could cause damage to the machine.

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Once the exterior is wiped down, use a soft cloth to clean the interior of the tank. Make sure to remove any residue or build-up from the walls of the tank.

Once everything is clean and dry, you can reassemble the fog machine and it will be ready to use again. Cleaning your fog machine will help ensure it’s ready to use and create an amazing atmosphere at your next Halloween party.

Storage: Keep in a Dry Place

Store your fog machine in a dry place to ensure its optimal performance. This will help to keep its electrical components in good condition and prevent any issues with its operation.

If you’re using it outdoors, make sure to store it in a waterproof case or container to protect it from the elements.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep any fog juice alternatives or fog machine accessories in a dry place as well. This will help to prevent them from degrading due to moisture or other environmental factors.

Keeping your fog machine and its accessories in a dry place will also help to extend its functional life. With the proper care and storage, your fog machine can provide years of reliable service.

Who Is It for

You’ll love how easy this Fog Machine is to use for your Halloween party or haunted house. With a wireless remote control, visible fluid level, and handle for easy movement, it’s an easy and fun way to add some spooky atmosphere to your decorations.

Equipped with a 350ml tank for long-lasting fog production, it’s a great way to enhance the experience of your Halloween party. The 3 LED lights add ambiance to the lighting, while the 500W power supply produces 2000 CFM of fog to up to 2-3 meters away.

The Uzone 500W RGB Lights Fog Machine is perfect for any Halloween party or haunted house. It’s easy to use, energy efficient, and non-toxic, making it a safe and affordable option for your decorations. Plus, the thick fog effect and bright lights will give your party the perfect atmosphere for a spooky and memorable experience.

Worth Buying

Are you looking for something to take your Halloween party to the next level? Look no further than the Uzone 500W Fog Machine!

Compared to other fog machines on the market, this one stands out for its energy-saving and non-toxic design, and its combination of fog and colored light effects.

And it’s not just for Halloween parties – you can use this fog machine to create a rock and roll experience with a homemade stage photo-op or for any house party.

It’s easy to use and has a fast responsive remote control. Plus, it’s affordable and performs beyond expectations.

How We Tested It

To test the Uzone 500W Fog Machine, we put it through its paces to see how it performed. We compared it to other fog machines and saw that its 500W power supply and remote control made it a great choice.

It had a quick heat-up time and created a thick fog that reached up to 2-3 meters. We also found its LED lights added a great ambiance to the lighting.

We had a great experience using it for a Halloween Trunk or Treat. We had enough control with the remote that we could time the fog perfectly for the photos and create the rock and roll experience we wanted.

To get the most out of the fog machine, we recommend using fog juice that produces a heavy fog and aiming the remote closer to the machine.

Final Verdict

Our conclusion is that the Uzone 500W RGB Lights Fog Machine is a great choice for any event, from house parties to Halloween haunted houses. Its combination of fog and colored lights, easy to use wireless remote control, and energy-saving, non-toxic design make it a must-have.

Plus, its quick heat-up time and long-lasting fog production provide an impressive spooky lighting effect. Pros and cons of using fog machines for Halloween parties should be considered, but tips like aiming the remote closer to the machine and using a heavy fog juice can help create an unforgettable experience.

Overall, the RGB Lights Fog Machine is an essential Halloween party essential.