Can A Fog Machine Make Snow?

When you think about the essentials you need to decorate a party or the ways you can transform the atmosphere of a room to suit your next event, there are some things you just can’t be without. A fog machine is one such device, and after just a few minutes it can create a totally unique look for your space.

One common question people have when using these machines is whether a fog machine makes snow as well. Snow machines are popular choices for winter themed events like Christmas or winter balls, so if you’ve already got yourself a fog machine how hard is it to convert them?

Fog machines are investments and so before you go putting snow fluid into them you really need to understand how they work. We’ll investigate where you can use a fog machine to make snow and vice versa so you’ll know exactly what you need to suit your next theme.

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The Difference Between Fog And Snow Machines

A fog machine is the most popular effects maker you’ll see at concerts, parties, and other events. These machines work with something called ‘fog fluid’ that is poured into it and heated up which then creates smoke. This smoke is spread throughout the space and could be either low or high lying, and there are plenty of other effects you can choose from.

A snow machine is a common term used to describe a couple of different machines. Although there are powerful snow machines that use real water to create snowflakes for events like indoor skiing and to add the powder to ski slopes, this isn’t the type we’re discussing when we compare snow and fog makers.

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A snow machine works similarly to a fog machine in that it relies on a special fluid to create the effect. When you put the fluid into the machine it creates flakes that can reach around 50 feet from the machine before they evaporate. The fluid is completely not toxic but it can leave the ground a little damp, so you need to be careful when using it.

Can A Fog Machine Make Snow- The Difference Between Fog And Snow Machines

Can A Fog Machine Make Snow?

If you’re trying to save money but looking to have both snow and fog at your next event, you’ve probably wondered can I use my fog machine for snow machine? While it would certainly make things easier, this won’t work, so you’ll be required to have a separate one for each.

There are two reasons why you can’t make snow with a fog machine and vice versa, but the main one comes down to the mechanisms of it. Fog is created by heating liquid where the snow liquid is dispersed as dry flakes that evaporate, so they require completely different things.

Secondly, the liquid itself is of a different nature. Putting snow liquid int your fog machine will likely clog it up and the output would not be the same as you what you expected. You’ll ultimately end up ruining the machine entirely, so it’s simply not worth the risk.

Are You Able To Convert The Machines?

For those who are handy, they might be wondering if they could convert their fog maker into a snow machine, or the other way around. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible due to the different mechanics that they work with and the type of fluid they use.

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If you find that you’re regularly hosting events or creating spaces that require both fog and snow, the best approach is to get a dedicated machine.

You might have a snow and fog machine separately or invest a lot more money to get one multifunctional device that can do it all. However, these are usually quite expensive as they require a lot of inner workings that all must operate independently of each other.

Can A Fog Machine Make Snow- Are You Able To Convert The Machines

When Would You Use Each Machine?

Having both a fog machine and a smoke machine would give you a lot of versatility in the spaces and events you could work with. There are plenty of options for where you could use these machines to create the perfect atmosphere.

  • Winter balls: A winter ball with a snow machine would help it feel like the right season indoors
  • Christmas parties: Create some snow to make a Christmas party feel more realistic, especially if it doesn’t snow in your part of the world
  • Halloween parties: Walk through a haunted house or add a smoky touch to a Halloween party with a fog machine
  • Dancefloors: Fog machines can create a low lying fog that surrounds the floor
  • Concerts: Either fog or snow could create the perfect look surrounding the stage, with lighting included

Instant Atmosphere For Any Type Of Event

There are few things out there that create the look and effect of a fog machine, but for the times when you need something a little different then a snow maker might be it. Snow machines are perfect for any winter themed events and provided they’re used safely, they can really be a huge hit at parties.

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Although it would make life easier to be able to convert your fog machine into a snowmaker so you could create all types of moods, it simply isn’t possible. Creating fog and snow work with two different methods and the detergents used for the fluid are also quite different.

If you did want to try out what either a smoke or fog machine was capable of, there are ways you can create your own at home to see. Obviously, nothing compares to the quality of a professional device but it’s always fun to get your hands dirty and do a DIY job to see just what you can come up with.

Can A Fog Machine Make Snow- Instant Atmosphere For Any Type Of Event