Fog Machines And Lasers

When you’re looking for the ultimate effects at an event, sometimes a fog machine might not cut it alone. One of the best ways to enhance the fog that these devices create is with a light show, and there’s no better way to create one than with specialized lasers.

You might recall the last time you saw a laser light show machine working in conjunction with a fog maker, and there’s a good chance you loved the effects. These devices work well together in all kinds of settings but they’re especially great during live shows, theater productions, bands, and DJ sets, or even just to light up the dancefloor.

It’s not always as easy as it seems to create these effects though, and there are many variables to consider when you’re trying to get the perfect look.

Does a haze vs fog machine work better, which lasers are best, and what exact settings should you have them on to create the right effect? All of these things need to be considered when coupling fog machines and lasers, so we’re here to help you out.

fog machines and lasers

Why Do Lasers Need Fog To Be Seen?

Laser beam lights are the best choice for a light and fog show, but you’ve probably noticed that without the right fog these lights just don’t give off the same effect. When speaking about laser beams specifically, they require particles in the air in order to be seen.

In most cases, there aren’t enough particles in the air to make a dramatic effect, and this can include things already in the air like dust or rain. Therefore, you need to add controlled particles that come from a fog machine to get the full effect.

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Whether you’re working indoors or outdoors, you’ll want a dedicated haze or fog machine filling the space with tiny particles.

This means the lasers will have something to beam off and will create a truly dramatic effect, which couples with the fog itself to make a wonderful atmosphere. As most events will be held indoors where the air is cleaner, there’s no way you can avoid using a fog machine to get the best effect.

Does Haze Work Better Than Fog?

One of the most common questions about coupling lights with fog is whether or not a haze machine or fog machine works better. When comparing the two, the best explanation is that a haze machine uses a fan to circulate the air more so it’s not as concentrated, compared to a fog machine that can make quite a thick effect.

When it comes to using one or the other with a laser light machine, the fog machine is usually going to get the most dramatic effects. Obviously, using a haze machine will still make the lights stand out more but the fog and laser combination is the best approach to truly fill the entire space with the look and feel that you want.

Can You Use Normal Lights?

Sometimes, buying or hiring laser light show equipment can get expensive. If you’re already spending money on your fog machine and other decorations or setup expenses for the event, it’s probably a cost that you want to reduce.

It is possible to use any number of normal lights with a fog machine, and you’ll find that the particles created from the fog make them look a lot more prominent. This could be something as simple as a flashlight used in a walk-through haunted house, or a spotlight set up on stage that penetrates through the fog.

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Whatever the lighting options you choose, having them cut through the fog will increase their cool factor. Any time a fog machine is being used, the simple addition of a lighting setup is all you need to get the complete look.

Fog Machines And Lasers- Can You Use Normal Lights

The Best Combos For Lasers And Fog

The atmospheric effects that occur when you fill a space with a light and fog machine are pretty amazing. However, there will be different looks that you’ll want to create which will require a different combination every time.

If you’re completely new to creating this type of setup, it’s best to do a test run to see how your fog machine works with the laser light machine. There are different frequencies that you can set the lasers to that will create special effects, and it may be a more concentrated look or a vortex of lasers that you’re trying to make.

In addition to the lighting, you can also adjust the type of fog that comes out of your machine. Different types of fog fluid are made for these effects, including thick, thin, low lying, or high lying fog, depending on the look you’re going for.

Some manufacturers make a light and fog machine that works simultaneously and you can set it on automatic or manual, giving you the chance to adjust settings as you need. These are commonly used by nightclubs and other event spaces that regularly use this type of effect, however, they are a lot more costly than a fog machine alone.

Getting The Best Effects For Your Event

There’s nothing quite like the combination of lasers and fog when it comes to adding some atmosphere, and whether it’s a nightclub or a rock concert, you’ll find it really adds something to the event. To get this look for yourself requires some trial and error, but most importantly you need a quality fog machine to get the air just right.

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Half of the fun when using fog and lasers is to experiment with the different combinations and how the lasers work with the haze. Achieving the perfect look for your next event won’t happen instantly, but once you get them just right, you’ll be amazed at how much they can transform a simple space into something magical.

Fog Machines And Lasers- Getting The Best Effects For Your Event