Seedmax Dehumidifier Review

Do you need an efficient dehumidifier with a digital display? Look no further than the SeedMax HD70.

This device comes with a capacity of 168 pints, a tank volume of 70 pints, a 312-square-inch floor area, three speeds, and a continuous operation mode.

Plus, with its digital display and reliable operation, you can be sure that your home or garage will stay free of rust and humidity.

Discover the details of the SeedMax HD70 right here.


You’ll love the SeedMax HD70 168 Pints Dehumidifier, which has a digital display, 312 square inches of floor area, a capacity of 70 pints, and dimensions of 26D x 13W x 12H. It’s perfect for home use and comes with a drain hose.

Floor Area312 Square Inches
Special FeatureDigital display
Capacity168 Pints
Tank Volume70 Pints
Dimensions26D x 13W x 12H
Recommended UsesHome use
Included ComponentsDrain hose
Weight60 Pounds
Operation ModeContinuous

Pros and Cons

You’ll appreciate the storage and power of this dehumidifier. Here is what customers have said about SeedMax HD70:

Quality engineeringNo printed warranty
Easy to set upWrong capacity listed
Supersize dehumidification

Overall, customers have been satisfied with the effectiveness and design of the SeedMax HD70.

Design & Build Quality

You’ll love the SeedMax HD70 168 Pint Dehumidifier. It features a digital display, making it convenient and easy to use.

Plus, it has a compact size, so it won’t take up too much space, and a heavy weight, so you know it’s built to last.

This dehumidifier is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient solution.

Digital Display

With the SeedMax HD70 168 pint dehumidifier, you can easily monitor moisture levels with its digital display. This display is ideal for those who want to keep an eye on their home’s humidity levels. It has a clear, easy-to-read display that shows the current humidity and the current set point.

It also has a timer feature, allowing you to set the desired humidity level for a specific amount of time. The advantages of the digital display are that it provides an accurate reading of the current humidity levels, allowing you to make adjustments as needed.

Unfortunately, it also has a few disadvantages, such as not being able to read the humidity levels in dark spots or under furniture, and the display not being very bright. However, overall, the digital display is a great addition to the SeedMax HD70 168 pint dehumidifier, helping you keep your home comfortable and dry.

Compact Size

At just 26D x 13W x 12H, this dehumidifier is incredibly compact, making it perfect for fitting into tight spaces. Despite its size, it packs a punch with its 312 sq. in. floor area and 168 pint capacity.

It features a digital display for easy monitoring of the tank volume and a 3-speed operation mode for the perfect humidity level. It also comes with a drain hose included and is lightweight at only 60 lbs.

Despite its size, it operates with a moderate noise level, making it perfect for home use. It’s also backed by a product warranty that ensures it will work efficiently for years.

Get your SeedMax HD70 168 pint dehumidifier today and enjoy the benefits of a compact size with the power of a larger unit.

Heavy Weight

Despite its compact size, this dehumidifier is surprisingly heavy at 60 lbs. This may be a disadvantage for those who plan to move it around frequently, but it can be a benefit as well.

The heavy weight enhances stability and prevents the unit from vibrating, which can be an issue with lighter models. Additionally, the weight indicates quality construction and a sturdy build that can stand up to normal wear and tear.

Unfortunately, the heavy weight can make portability more difficult, but SeedMax HD70 168 Pint Dehumidifier includes a convenient handle for easy carrying and maneuverability. It also comes with a drain hose, making setup a breeze and allowing for continuous operation.

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The pros and cons of the heavy weight should be considered before purchasing, as it may have an impact on portability.

Features & Benefits

You’ll love the SeedMax HD70 dehumidifier for its digital display, 312 square inches of floor area, 168 pint capacity, 3 speeds, and drain hose included. It has a tank volume of 70 pints and is suitable for home use.

This dehumidifier is lightweight yet efficient and powerful, with a recommended operation mode of continuous. It’s easy to use and maintain.


  • Digital display
  • High capacity
  • Lightweight


  • No printed warranty and registration card
  • Not suitable for large areas

How to Maintain:

  • Regularly check and empty the tank
  • Clean the air filter
  • Check the drainage hose for any blockages

Setup and Installation

Setting up the SeedMax HD70 dehumidifier is quick and easy.

Unpack the dehumidifier and ensure that all of the included components are present.

Place the dehumidifier in the area that needs to be dehumidified.

Connect the drain hose to the outlet and secure it with the included screws.

Plug the dehumidifier into the wall outlet and turn it on.

Adjust the settings according to your needs.

If you encounter any issues during setup, refer to the troubleshooting guide included in the product manual.

Installation tips are also available online, so be sure to read up on them.

Enjoy the convenience of the digital display and the peace of mind of having an efficient dehumidifier in your home.

Performance: What can it do?

You’ll get the best performance out of the SeedMax HD70 168 pint dehumidifier with its digital display.

With a capacity of 70 pints, 3 speeds, and a moderate noise level, it’s sure to tackle any moisture problem you may have.

Its design and engineering are top-notch, so you’re sure to get a top-quality dehumidifier.

Capacity: 70 Pints

The SeedMax HD70 has a capacity of 70 pints, so it can dehumidify a large area quickly and efficiently. Its 312 square inch floor area allows it to cover plenty of space, while its impressive operation mode provides continuous dehumidification.

Its 3 speeds offer a range of power, allowing you to adjust the level of dehumidification to your needs. In addition, its digital display lets you easily monitor the humidity levels.

Speeds: 3

You can customize the level of dehumidification you need with the 3 speeds of the SeedMax HD70. This unit is designed to provide exceptional customer satisfaction and comes with setup tips and a digital display.

It has an optimal tank capacity of 70 pints, which allows you to reduce the humidity in your home quickly and effectively. The 3 speeds make it easy to adjust the dehumidifier to the desired level and the digital display helps you keep track of the temperature and humidity in the room.

With the 3 speeds, you can optimize the dehumidification for your specific needs, while still maintaining a quiet operation. The SeedMax HD70 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an efficient and customizable dehumidifier.

Noise Level: Moderate

With its moderate noise level, this dehumidifier is designed to reduce humidity quickly and effectively. The Seedmax HD70 168 pint dehumidifier is a great choice for home use.

It has a digital display which makes it easier to monitor performance. It has three speeds, allowing you to adjust the level of dehumidification to fit your needs. This dehumidifier is known for its efficiency, and it has a tank volume of 70 pints. It is also a great choice if you want to reduce noise levels in your home, as it operates at a moderate volume.

Compared to other dehumidifiers, SeedMax HD70 has some pros and cons. The pros include its efficiency, digital display, and moderate noise level. The cons include its slightly higher price and the fact that it doesn’t come with a drain hose.

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However, when compared to other dehumidifiers, the pros outweigh the cons and make the SeedMax HD70 a great choice for home use.


You should regularly wipe down your SeedMax HD70 dehumidifier in order to keep it running at peak efficiency.

Additionally, it’s important to check the filters often to ensure they are not clogged with dust and debris.

Proper maintenance of your dehumidifier can help to extend its life and ensure it runs optimally.

Cleaning: Regularly Wipe Down

Regularly wiping down the SeedMax HD70 168 pint dehumidifier will help ensure its efficient operation. This maintenance checklist is a must for any dehumidifier, as dust, dirt, and other debris can build up over time and cause the unit to run less effectively.

As part of the cleaning process, use a damp cloth to wipe down the unit’s exterior and internal components. Be sure to pay extra attention to the air filter, as it should be cleaned every month or two.

Additionally, make sure to check the drain hose for any blockages that would prevent water from draining properly.

If you follow these cleaning tips, your dehumidifier will continue to operate optimally for many years to come.

Maintenance: Check Filters Often

Be sure to check the air filter of your dehumidifier often to maintain its optimal performance. The SeedMax HD70 168-pint dehumidifier is no exception. It should be checked at least once a month to keep the machine running at its best.

The filter should be removed and cleaned regularly to make sure it is free of dust and dirt. This will ensure that the air passing through the dehumidifier is clean and free of particulates.

Additionally, it is important to clean the unit itself, wiping down all exterior surfaces to prevent dust and dirt buildup. Regular cleaning will help the dehumidifier to last longer and keep it operating efficiently.

Clean filters and regular cleaning are essential to ensure your dehumidifier remains in optimal condition and continues to perform at its best.


Check the product’s warranty details for more information.

SeedMax HD70 168 Pint Dehumidifier offers warranty coverage and customer satisfaction. The product comes with a warranty for any defects in materials or workmanship. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse, abuse, improper installation, and unauthorized repair.

It is also important to note that the warranty is only valid in the country of purchase. Furthermore, the warranty is void if the product is moved to another country or sold to another person.

Be sure to register your product within 30 days of purchase to receive the warranty coverage. Additionally, the company provides customer service and support during the warranty period. If you have any questions, you can contact SeedMax for assistance.

Who Is It for

The SeedMax HD70 168 Pint dehumidifier with digital display is perfect for anyone who needs an efficient way to reduce humidity levels. It is perfect for both residential and commercial use, and customers have reported excellent results.

This unit is great for anyone who needs to quickly lower humidity in larger spaces such as garages, basements, or crawl spaces. Its heavy-duty design allows it to handle moisture-filled environments with ease.

The digital display makes it easy to monitor and control settings, and the 3-speed operation mode lets you choose the right intensity for your specific needs. Plus, the included drain hose makes for easy maintenance.

User feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with customers praising the product’s power and convenience. This is a great choice for anyone looking for a quality dehumidifier.

Worth Buying

If you need an efficient way to reduce humidity, this product is definitely worth buying.

The SeedMax HD70 168 Pint dehumidifier is an excellent choice for home use. It is designed with a digital display and has a capacity of 168 pints. It is equipped with a 3-speed operation mode, allowing you to adjust the settings to suit your needs.

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Additionally, the unit has a tank volume of 70 pints and is equipped with a drain hose for easy disposal of water. In terms of energy efficiency, the HD70 has a very low energy consumption, making it an economical choice for reducing humidity.

Moreover, the unit has a timer function, allowing you to set the duration of the dehumidification process. The product also comes with a warranty and customer reviews rate it highly.

All in all, the SeedMax HD70 168 Pint dehumidifier is a great choice for reducing humidity in a home.

How We Tested It

We’ve been testing the SeedMax HD70 168 pint dehumidifier for a few months now, and overall it’s been a great experience.

We love the digital display, the 3 speeds, and the fact that it can hold up to 70 pints of moisture. After using it for a couple months, we were impressed with the amount of moisture it was able to remove from our home, as well as how quiet it was compared to other dehumidifiers we’ve used.

On the other hand, we weren’t too keen on the fact that the drain line wasn’t included as advertised, and that we had to purchase it separately.

After Using For A Couple of Months What We Liked

You’ll love how efficient the SeedMax HD70 168 pint dehumidifier is after using it for a couple of months.

Performance comparison and energy efficiency tests show that this dehumidifier can remove moisture from a large area quickly and quietly.

With a digital display and three speeds, you can easily monitor the humidity levels in your home and adjust the settings accordingly.

The tank volume of 70 pints and product dimensions of 26D x 13W x 12H make it perfect for larger areas.

Its lightweight design makes it easy to move around and its drain hose makes emptying it a breeze.

With its continuous operation mode, you can expect it to deliver consistent results throughout the day.

After Using For A Couple of Months What We Didn’t Like

Although the SeedMax HD70 168 pint dehumidifier is great for removing moisture, some customers may find that it is missing the drain line that was advertised as included. This can be a hassle for those looking to set it up quickly.

Additionally, the unit is quite loud when running, so it may not be suitable for those who want to use it in a quiet environment.

However, the pros outweigh the cons – it has great long-term performance and does an excellent job of removing moisture.

All in all, the SeedMax HD70 dehumidifier is a great choice for those looking for an efficient dehumidifier with digital display.

What Other Owners Are Saying

Other owners have praised the SeedMax HD70 for its impressive performance. They have noted its ability to quickly and efficiently reduce humidity. Additionally, they have mentioned its easy setup and configuration.

Customers have compared the SeedMax HD70 to other dehumidifiers. They have specifically mentioned its moderate noise level and its digital display that make it stand out.

The tank volume of 70 pints and 168-pint capacity have been noted to be ideal for large areas. Furthermore, its lightweight design makes it perfect for home use.

For convenience, the SeedMax HD70 includes a drain hose and screw-in outlet.

Customers have also mentioned its durable engineering and design. This makes it a great choice for long-term humidity control.

Final Verdict: Durability

With its durable engineering and design, the SeedMax HD70 promises long-term humidity control for your home. Customers are continually satisfied with the performance and durability of the product, as evidenced by their reviews.

The unit is capable of removing up to 70 pints of water per day with its 3-speed operation mode and digital display. Its construction is sturdy and durable, allowing it to work even in damp, wet areas. The 62-pound weight of the product means that it won’t be easily moved or damaged, ensuring that it will last for many years.

It also comes with a drain hose and a warranty for customer satisfaction. The SeedMax HD70 is perfect for anyone looking for an efficient and durable dehumidifier.