DIY Fog Machine: A Beginner’s Guide

DIY Fog Machine: A Beginner's Guide

We’ve all been to a party or event and witnessed a fog machine in action. The way that it seamlessly fills the room with a hazy smoke-like vapor and transforms everything it touches looks like magic proves that it has the power to quickly change any area into something special.

While it would be nice to be able to have your own fog machine to use for birthdays, parties, and Halloween, sometimes the cost just isn’t feasible. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go without the cool effect when you can learn how to make a fog machine with household items.

Using DIY Fog Machine Gun

Just by using a few things you should have around the house and a little bit of patience, you can get the cool or spooky vibe that your party needs. With a homemade fog machine, there’s no need to spend a lot of decorations or party planning because you’ll have all the atmosphere you could ever hope for.

Should You Make Your Own Fog Machine?

Although there are plenty of great fog machines out there with all types of capabilities, it’s not always feasible to purchase one. You could have a perfectly good machine already but be in need of a second for a larger event, it could be broken, you might be low on funds, or simply want to experiment with making your own.

The best choice is always to purchase a machine, and because they’re now easier to make, it means they’re usually more affordable as well. For the purpose of this experiment though, we’ll assume that it’s not within your limits and you want to take some time to create your own DIY fog machine.

Once you have this up and running, there are plenty of opportunities for how you can use it. A fog machine is especially handy for a Halloween party to give a spooky vibe, but anywhere you can think of that needs a boost in the atmosphere, your new DIY fog machine will be able to come to the rescue.

Creating The Fog Juice

All fog machines, whether store-bought or homemade, need fog fluid to get them going. Thankfully, this is just as easy to make for yourself at home. Follow these steps to create your own fog juice that you can use for any of your machines.

  • Grab an empty and clean quarter gallon plastic bottle and ensure there’s nothing inside
  • Depending on the level of thickness you want from your fog, there are different measurements for the distilled water and glycerin mixture
  • A thinner fog should have about 15 percent glycerin and 85 percent water, whereas something thicker would be around 30 percent glycerin and 70 percent water
  • Test your solution first and see if it makes fog, otherwise, you may need to go back and readjust the measurements until you get it right

How To Make Your Own Fog Machine

With your fog juice at the ready, you can now start creating the fog machine. You should be able to find most of these items around the house, so gather them up before you begin the project.

DIY Fog Machine Parts

You’ll need:

  • One large candle with two or  more wicks
  • The top of a two-liter plastic bottle (soda bottles work best)
  • Small aluminum pie plate
  • Homemade fog juice
  • An old can of soup, empty and clean
  • Sticky tape and scissors

Step 1: Ready The Materials

Gather all of your materials together, including the homemade fog juice, and start by cutting the top off the 2-liter soda bottle and keeping it for the machine. Dispose of the bottom half.

Step 2: Tape It Together

With the cut end of the bottle, tape it onto the pie plate so that you’ve created a cone shape when the two of them are together. This will be your homemade fog machine.

Step 3: Positioning

Get the empty soup can and remove the lid. Place the candle into the can and light all of the wicks on the candle, letting them burn a little while to ensure they won’t go out. If you’ve managed to find a large store bought candle that doesn’t require a can, this is fine as well.

Step 4: Poke Some Holes

Next, place the fog machine over the top of the can and allow the heat from the candles to get to it. Poke some holes in the bottom of the soup can to give it ventilation.

Step 6: Complete The Fog Machine

Once everything is all combined and the candle is lit, you can now add your fog juice. Start with just three teaspoons and add it to your homemade fog machine. When it starts to get low, add a few more. Just this small amount should be enough to make fog for at least half an hour.

An Instant Atmosphere Booster

While it might not look as professional as a real fog machine nor will it make as much spooky vapor, this is still a great DIY project that you can try at home. Halloween is a great time to try this out and get your kids involved, so long as you are supervising them when it comes time to light the candles.

Using Fog Machine On Halloween

The addition of a fog machine to any event will boost the atmosphere instantly, and there’s no need to spend a lot of money just to enjoy it for yourself.

With this easy homemade fog machine you’ll learn something new about science and find a great new way to decorate, and best of all there’s no need to purchase any of the materials because you’ll already have them on hand.

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