The Buying Guide To The Best Fog Machine Fluid

The Buying Guide To The Best Bog Machine Fluid

Fog is one of those quintessential effects that suit just about any party, event, or space, and it’s been around for years. If you’re lucky enough to have your own fog machine or run a commercial business that sets the mood and creates an atmosphere for events, you’ll know how important the fog juice is when it comes to this machine.

You might be wondering what is fog machine fluid or what’s in it that makes it such a cool effect, but a lot of it comes down to the quality of the product. Having a premium fog juice means knowing exactly what you’re looking for in the effect and what other features will be important for your event, and then shopping based off of that.

This buying guide will make the whole process easier and help you find the perfect juice, whether it’s plain smoke machine fluid or colored fog machine fluid, and everything in between. Not only will quality fog juice make your event a success, but it will also ensure your fog machine runs without a hitch for years to come.

We’ve searched the web and found some of the best fog machine fluids on the market to help narrow down your list. Once you see what the top rated products look like and which ones we recommend to get your party started, you’ll be able to get the absolute most out of your fogging machine.

​Product Name

​Our Rating

Best Halloween Fog Machine Fluid: Froggy’s Fog Halloween and Party Fog Fluid

Best Thick Fog Fluid: Chauvet Fog Machine Fluid

Best Long Lasting Fluid: Froggy’s Fog Swamp Juice

Best High Output Fluid: FogWorx Fog Juice

Our Picks For The Best Fog Juice

Buying fog juice can be a little more complicated than you might think as there are many different types made for different purposes. Depending on what you’ll be using yours for and the events or parties you’re wanting to add this effect to, we’ve found the top-rated fog machine fluid to suit.

Best Halloween Fog Machine Fluid: Froggy’s Fog Halloween And Party Fog Fluid

There’s no doubt that the most popular time people get their fog machine out is Halloween. This holiday is one of the most treasured by adults and children alike and there’s nothing better than a fog machine to get the spooky mood just right.

Our pick for the best Halloween fog fluid has to be Froggy’s Fog Halloween and Party Fog Fluid. Froggy’s Fog is a leading name in fog juice and for over 15 years they’ve been creating and perfecting their formulas for fog, with this one being designed perfectly for Halloween.

This is a long-lasting formula and one with medium hang time, so it’s better suited for indoors.

​Froggy’s Fog makes plenty of other juices designed for outdoor use so keep that in mind if you’re looking for that specifically. Any indoor events though, you can’t go past their Halloween and Party Fog Fluid to set the mood just right.

Froggy’s Fog comes in a variety of sizes so it depends on how often you use your machine. For home use, a gallon would be ideal but for those wanting to create spooky scenes of larger scales, you might prefer the case that comes with four-gallon containers.  You should get quite a lot of use out of this, and just the one-gallon container will last you for a few Halloweens to come.

The best thing about Froggy’s Fog is that they make their products to be safe and suitable for use around even the youngest children. Their formulas are non-toxic and not hazardous, so you won’t need to worry about anyone inhaling anything nasty, and it’s a water based fog machine fluid for extra peace of mind.

Halloween is the perfect time of year to get the fog machine out and the effects that this fluid creates make it our top choice. You’ll get a medium hang but long lasting and maximum output effect from Froggy’s Fog Halloween and Party Fog Fluid which means using less of the product to get the spooky atmosphere just right

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Best Thick Fog Fluid: Chauvet Fog Machine Fluid

​There are times when you need your fog to be extra thick and want it so that you have almost no visibility in the area, or need a fog that’s going to stay nice and low without losing any of its density.

This means you need a thick fog fluid that creates a denser smoke than most others are capable of.

There are plenty of fog fluids on the market that claim to be thick but then fail to deliver the goods.

Chauvet has managed to deliver on their promise with their Fog Machine Fluid that’s ideal for people who want absolute density and minimal visibility.

​​Not only is this fog juice going to create a thick smokey look, but it will hang around for ages. That means you’ll be using less of the product to refill the area and ultimately will save yourself some money doing so.

This fog sits pretty low so it won’t be rising and dissipating as other brands do. This means it’s perfect for dancefloors or stages where you want to keep the smoky look that sticks around. If your fog machine is placed higher above the main event, you’ll probably need to shop for a less thick fog fluid that will allow it to move down over time.

According to the reviews, the best way to get results with this fluid is to use a Chauvet branded fog machine. This isn’t really accessible for most people and means the fluid isn’t as versatile as other brands, so unless you’re working with one of these already it might be a cost that you simply can’t afford.

In terms of pricing and size options, you’ve got some choices depending on the volume you’ll be using. The most popular size is their one-gallon drum which retails the same as most others we’ve reviewed, but for the best results, you’ll need to be working with a Chauvet fog machine as well. When thickness is your goal for your fog effect though, this is definitely the one to go with.

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Best Long Lasting Fluid: Froggy’s Fog Swamp Juice

There are many different uses for fog and preferences for the type of effect you need your fog to have. Sometimes, you’ll require a fog that hangs around for a very long time and means less effort in refilling the machine but also less thickness in the smoke that it does create.

It should be no surprise to see another product from Froggy’s Fog on our best seller list as they’re known for making some of the best fog juices around.

Their Swamp Juice product has been designed for longevity and is definitely the top rated long-lasting fluid that we’ve found, so it’s perfect for all kinds of events and spaces.

​Because this is a long lasting fluid, you can’t expect to get a thick cloud that sticks around. Rather, the effects that the Swamp Juice will deliver is a more constant thinner smoke that means better visibility in the area while still creating a spooky and mysterious look.

Froggy’s Fog Swamp Juice is ideal for people who are working in delicate spaces or want to be sure that no residue is left behind. It’s made with a 100% water base which means no marks or stains will be found after and the product is completely safe for use around children.

Another great bonus with this fog juice is how it has no smell, which is a welcome surprise for anyone who’s ever been around a fog machine. You’ll feel comfortable letting your children play there and it won’t irritate any party guests, so you get all of the effects without any of the usual disadvantages.

This juice is a little more expensive than some others on our list, so be sure to shop for it at a time when it’s discounted. One bonus is because of its long lasting effect you won’t need to use it as often, so you can expect a one-gallon container to last over a couple of Halloween events or through a few different parties.

Our Rating

Best Low Fog Fluid: Freezin Fog Low Lying Ground Fog

​Choosing the right fog effect for your event can be trickier than you think. There are times when the ideal fog is going to be low lying and right down on the ground, but you can’t get this effect with just any old fluid.

There are formulas made for this purpose specifically and they’re perfect for graveyard settings or when you want the fog to linger just above the ground for a spooky effect.

Freezin Fog Juice has created the best rated low lying ground fog for this very purpose and it can add an instant and dramatic spooky effect to your event. This fog juice has been formulated for both indoor and outdoor use so it’s versatile enough for all settings and it will stay thick and low to the ground for as long as you need.

​Freezin Fog Juice Low Lying Ground Fog is one of the more expensive brands on the market but when you need something as specific as this you’ll be glad to pay it. It’s extremely dense and even with people walking, dancing, or running through it, it will stick around for ages to keep that mysterious effect alive.

Although low lying, some have found that this fog tends to rise after some time. There’s an easy fix to this which is to add some ice to the chill fog so that it stays low, but it will require a little extra effort. Finding a product that stays low constantly is near impossible though, and this is definitely the best performer we’ve found.

In addition to being truly low lying, it also smells pleasant and virtually odorless. This fog fluid is made with non-toxic and non-harmful pharmaceutical grade materials and has been approved by the FDA so you’ll have absolute peace of mind that it’s safe to use in every circumstance.

Another added bonus to this fog juice is that a little seems to equal a lot, so although it’s costly you’ll only use a fraction of what you usually do. For the perfect graveyard experience or to see a creepy walkway up with fog, there’s no better low lying formula than this one from Freezin Fog Juice.

Our Rating

Best High Output Fluid: FogWorx Fog Juice

​When you want fog that’s going to deliver true bang for your buck, you need to shop for a high output formula. These products are long lasting and will give you the optimal level of fog for a longer period of time.

Don’t expect the thickest fog though, as they’re better used for medium density use, but they will stick around for longer than average.

FogWorx is a brand committed to making affordable fog for a range of uses, and their standard Fog Juice is a medium density but long-lasting formula. This is not only budget-friendly but will also give serious value for money because of its high output so it’s perfect for most settings and for those shopping for an affordable product.

​​This is another great water-based fog fluid that’s non-toxic and won’t be harmful to anyone in the area. No matter what type of event you’re holding, having a fog juice that’s not going to cause any danger or irritation for people is essential, so you can be guaranteed of that with the FogWorx brand.

One of the biggest selling points of this fog is just how versatile it was with other machines. There are countless happy reviews stating that the FogWorx brand makes their fluid to work with all different styles and brands of fog machines so you’re not limited to how you can enjoy it.

You’ll only need a small amount to get a good fog effect from this juice so it’s a real money saver. This is the perfect choice for those with large spaces to fill or an event that runs a little longer than usual, as you will find hours and hours of quality fog from the one-gallon container.

When high output is your key need from a fog juice, this is definitely the way to go. It’s affordable, high quality, and made with the safest FDA approved ingredients so you can simply pour it in and let it work its magic at your next event.

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What To Look For When Buying  Fog Machine Fluid

People often make the mistake of spending hours researching the best fog machines and then try to put just any old fog fluid inside of it. However, if you shop instead for the best fog fluid you’ll find that it can be used in most standard machines and can even help to improve their quality.

Shopping for the best fog fluid means knowing just what features matter to you and then choosing the best fit. These are some things to look for when purchasing fog fluid to ensure it’s going to suit your needs and upcoming event.


The size of the fog fluid refers to how much of the actual liquid is in the container. The most common size is one gallon, but depending on your needs you can also usually purchase these in bulk. Some will specify the volume area that the smoke has been designed to fill, so it’s a good idea to measure up your space so you can get the right one.


A quick look at the product details or name of the fog fluid will indicate the longevity of it. This is usually referred to as “medium/long-lasting” and it sometimes impacts the density of the fog as well. If you won’t be near the fog machine constantly refilling or monitoring, something long lasting is best.

Long Lasting Juices

Type Of Fog

You might assume that all fogs are created equal, but that’s not the case. Common types of fog include rising, low lying, thick, and thin, each specifying what type of effect you can get from them. Think about where you’ll be using it and the effect you want (eg. dance floor or a graveyard setting for Halloween) and this will point you in the right direction.


When purchasing fog fluid, you need to be careful not to go with an inferior formula that’s going to stain or leave reside as it works. This can damage people’s clothing as well as the furniture, walls, and space that your event is held in. You’ll be able to see if it’s residue-free by reading the description and reviews, so it’s worth a quick check.


Most of us have experienced the terrible odor of cheap fog fluids, and you might have thought initially this was due to the machine itself. Fog fluid can be made these days without any odor at all or with a slight, sweet scent so that it’s not irritating or overwhelming.

Smelly Fog

Is It Flammable?

Be careful when purchasing fog fluid not to purchase a flammable product and find one with pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Especially when used in small enclosed spaces, it can be dangerous to use a flammable fog fluid that can be a potential fire hazard.

Other features

If you’re after more than just the fog effect, there are some machines with multiple settings. However, you’ll need to ensure that the fog fluid you’ve purchased has been made to suit these machines and will be compatible.

Getting The Best Use Out Of Your Fog Fluid

With the right fog fluid and a quality fog machine, you have almost everything you need to get the party started. However, you’ll need to be careful when using the fog juice to ensure a long life for your fog machine as well as the best effects from your liquid.

Fog Machine Fluids

When your fog machine is not in use, keep it stored away in a cool, dry place and ensure that you’ve emptied all leftover fog fluid from it. Give it a test run when getting it out of storage and run through a few minutes with your fog fluid to be sure that it works.

As each fog juice is made from its own blend of ingredients, you might need to play around with settings or space it’s being used in before your event. This will ensure you know exactly how to work it and that there’ll be no mistakes when the time comes to put your fog machine to work.


A fog machine is one of the most versatile tools you can have for a party or event. With a single fog machine you can create an atmosphere that is dreamy, spooky, romantic, creepy, or scary, plus everything in between, but without the right fog juice, all of your dreams and planning may fall flat.

As you can see, there are so many different types of fog juice to use and each of them creates their own unique effect. Whatever type of event you’re having, whether it’s setting up for neighborhood trick or treating or throwing a huge wedding, a fog machine is the best party accessory you can have.

Fog Machines

The best fog machine fluid should be able to tick a number of boxes for you in order to make it a premium product. Look for one that offers the density and length of use that you need, as well as a formula that’s nontoxic and going to be safe for your guests.

Using the right fog juice isn’t just about getting the right effect, either. Your fog juice should be of a premium quality so that it doesn’t do any damage to your machine and keeps it running smoothly for years to come. If you put the effort into finding the best fog juice you’ll be rewarded in more ways than one.

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