5 Best Foggy Bubble Machines

Thinking about buying a foggy bubble machine but have no idea where to start? Well, you’re in the right place. Here, we’re going to break down the best foggy bubble machines on the market so you can find the perfect product to suit your needs.

Let’s start with the basics and take a closer look at what a foggy bubble machine is, how to choose one, and learn more about some of the best products on the market.

best foggy bubble machines

Top 5 Foggy Bubble Machines In The Market

  1. Froggys Fog – Fobbles F4
  2. TC-Home 3-in-1 Stage Fog Bubble Machine
  3. Tengchang 3-in-1 DMX Stage Machine
  4. MTFX Special Effects Smoke Bubble Machine
  5. Chauvet Bubble Haze Machine

All About Fog Machines

First, let’s cover the basics. In order to get a proper understanding of the best foggy bubble machines, you’ll need an understanding of both machines. In this guide, we’ll examine both machines in turn, and then look at how they combine forces for the ultimate party starter!

fog machine — sometimes known as a smoke machine, fogging machine, or hazer — is a device that produces a thick vapor closely resembling a heavy fog. You’re likely to see them used in the entertainment business, at concerts, in theatrical productions, or even at themed parties to give that extra spooky or dream-like feel.

Fog machines are complex machines. In simple terms, they work by heating fog fluid inside the machine. By heating the fluid, it turns into vapor. Once the vapor exits the machine, it is mixed with the cooler air, and forms the “fog” substance you are familiar with.

However, it’s not always that simple. There are many fog machines on today’s market, designed for all sorts of different events and venues. Some fog machines actually chill the fog as opposed to heating it. By cooling it down, the ground fogger causes the fog to sink, creating a layer of low lying fog across the ground.

Fog machines are being used increasingly in professional capacity. But their usage doesn’t stop there – homeowners are now starting to invest in fog machines for their own uses. Whether it’s for small-scale parties, personal photoshoots, or just plain old fun, these smaller models are growing more and more popular.

How to Choose The Right Product

Choosing the right model of fog machine usually comes down to a couple of things. First off, you want to make sure your machine is producing the effects you want it to. Second, you want to make sure the machines are durable and well-reviewed. And third, you want to find something at the price point that isn’t going to completely blow your budget.

When choosing between different models of fog machines, the best way to find out if you’re getting a durable, good quality product is to check out the customer reviews. Amazon is a great place to look, there are slews of reviews for every product so you can get a better idea of what you’re dealing with which is very helpful to prospective buyers. There are many other places where you can get detailed reviews of each and every product on the market, so be aware that the information you’re seeking is oftentimes right at your fingertips.

Smoke Machines for Kids

If you’re buying a smoke machine for a young one, remember that there are specific products available for children. These differ significantly from the larger, more expensive, powerful fog machines that are used in the entertainment industry.

Models designed for children tend to be less durable and generally of lesser quality because, let’s face it, kids are pretty hard on their toys and will find a way to break anything. This also means that products intended for children are generally cheaper, so replacing them if needed isn’t too big of a deal.

They’re considered to be toys rather than smoke machines for practical, festive functions or professional use. If you want to buy a fun fog machine for your child, you don’t have to invest in an expensive model that might be used by someone with grander, more specific functions. A child’s party or playdate doesn’t need the same level of effects as, say, a stage show or photoshoot.

It’s really all about knowing your preferences, and buying according to that. If you want a kid’s smoke machine, then you won’t be disappointed with a cheaper model. However, if you had wanted something more robust, then you might come away unsatisfied. It’s all about knowing what you want!

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When To Use A Fog Machine

If you aren’t sure whether you need a fog machine, here is some inspiration to get you started.

Here are a few examples of places where fog machines would add to the festiveness of the environment. Take a look at some of our Top Fog Machine Uses and try them out once you’ve decided on a product!

  • Birthday parties (child or adult)
  • Summer BBQ
  • Photoshoots
  • Spooky Halloween decor
  • School dances
  • Wedding receptions
  • Christmas decor

As you can see, fog machines can add ambience and amplify the experience of a vast variety of events. Think of fog as an excellent “background detail”. It adds to the experience without being overly obtrusive!

Something else we should mention is that these machines produce fog that tends to scatter around the room or rise to the ceiling. If you were hoping for fog creeping along the floor or billowing out from underneath a door, you may want to also take a look at a fog chiller. There are plenty for sale as well as a lot of ideas as to how to make one yourself out there.

Don’t Forget the Fog Juice

Before we wrap up our section on fog machines, it’s important to talk about fog juice. Fog juice is often-overlooked by first time fog machine owners. There is a tendency to think that you can load up your water based fog machine with any old juice.

The reality is that machine fluid is almost as important as the machine itself. The difference between low and high-quality fog fluid is extremely noticeable. Quality fog juice will be made with quality ingredients for producing noticeable, heavy fog.

Not only that, but quality juice will be made with ingredients that are non-toxic and pharmaceutical grade. They are safe to use, and won’t damage or stain any surfaces in your home.


There are plenty of quality juices to choose from, but we recommend a trusted brand like Froggy’s Fog. We’ve linked to an example below, which is just one of their many options. The “Backwoods Bay” fog machine fluid is formulated to be ultra long-lasting, and to fill a room with dense, impressive fog.

What Is A Bubble Machine?

Okay, switching gears a little bit, bubble machines are devices that, well, make bubbles. In order to get a proper understanding of foggy bubble machines, let’s examine the second part of their functionality.

Bubble machines operate by filling a reservoir witha bubble liquid. This bubble liquid is similar to the soapy substance you used to blow bubbles when you were just a kid. The machine has a fan, which spins a “bubble wheel” into the fluid reservoir, where the bubbles are stretched across the circular bubble wands. The fan blows on the wand, creating a consistent stream of bubbles as all the wands repeatedly dip into the fluid.

A lot of bubble machines are also equipped with colorful LED lights and create a range of unique effects. These machines work similarly to fog machines. Many are powered either by an electrical outlet or by battery-operated remote. And, just like you have to add fogging liquid to a fog machine, you have to add a bubble solution to a bubble machine to get results.

5 Best Foggy Bubble Machines- What Is A Bubble Machine

Uses for a Bubble Machine

Bubble machines, like fog machines, are extremely versatile machines. Their usage is similar to fog machines, with the obvious difference of creating a different effect. However, you’ll often find them in many of the same environments.

Bubble machines are frequently used at parties, events, weddings, bars, clubs, and entertainment venues. They’re also frequently used to accentuate theatrical performances and concerts. They also have usage in special effects (although not quite to the same extent as fog machines).

If you’re considering a bubble machine, just know that they are versatile, and can add a splash of life to almost any event. Or, if you can’t choose between a bubble of fog machine, then consider our next option…

Foggy Bubble Machine

Fog machines and bubble machines, we’ve examined both in detail, so you should now have a solid understanding of each.

Now, when you put these two incredibly powerful machines together, you get a foggy bubble machine!

So, what exactly is a foggy bubble machine? Basically, it’s exactly what the name implies! It is a machine that creates fog and bubbles, using separate components for each task.

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The main thing that these machines are known for is creating foggy bubbles – bubbles that contain fog inside of them. When the bubbles pop, the fog is released, which creates a truly amazing, one-of-a-kind experience for party guests or concert goers.

But that’s not the only thing these machines do. Foggy bubble machines can create multiple effects at once. Not only do they produce the fog, bubble, and foggy bubbles you were looking for, in some cases, they can also create other haze and light effects! These machines are truly unique, and you’ll see some great examples below.

Uses for Foggy Bubble Machine

It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that a lot of professional DJs, party planners, and stage decorators love these machines. One reason is because some of them are compatible with DMX units so they can be synchronized with other machines in the setup and controlled all at the same time.

That might seem like it’s a little more that you’d need for a house party but, on the contrary, it’s exactly what you need if you want to make sure your party is one your guests will never forget. Anyone can have a good time with one of these machines. This awesome combination of fog, bubbles, and lights is sure to give your party, photoshoot, or holiday function that extra dose of fun! Here are some of the highest-rated models out there:

5 Best Foggy Bubble Machines- Uses for Foggy Bubble Machine

Best Foggy Bubble Machines

 If you’re convinced of the benefits of these cool machines, let’s check out some of the top options on the market. Here are the best bubble fog machines that you can consider:

1. Froggys Fog – Fobbles F4


Froggy’s Fog Fobbles F4 is a bubble fog machine from one of the biggest names in fog – Froggy’s Fog.

For starters, this machine has 1400 watts of power. If you don’t know wattages, that’s enough power to make this a machine suited for professional use.

The machine also packs a bunch of functionality. What does that mean? You get continuous fog, haze, bubble, and bubble fog output without having to wait for the machine to cool down and heat back up. You can instantly switch between functions plus the integrated LED lights really up the wow factor.

The LCD control panel is really easy to use, too, and allows you to make all kinds of adjustments, like fan speed, fog production speed, and bubble wand speed. There are multiple lighting effects to choose from too – from fade to strobe and everything in between. This machine integrates with any DMX system so you can synchronize the machine with other effects that you have in your setup.

While this awesome machine would be amazing at any party, keep in mind it’s more of a professional model which means it’s a little pricier than some of the other machines we looked at.

If you want to see more, click here to see it in action.

2. TC-Home 3-in-1 Stage Fog Bubble Machine

Our Rating


If you’re looking for something that’s somewhere between a basic and an expensive professional model, take a look at the TC-Home three-in-one Stage Fog Bubble Machine. It’s loaded with an array of sleek and impressive features. One of the most notable is that it packs 3000W of power. The machine heats up in about eight minutes and has an output distance of around 26 feet.

This one has two cooling fans, four bubble wheels, and holds a liter of fluid. Plus, there as 18 colored LED lights so you can create your own little light show. This one is also compatible with DMX systems and the fog and bubble production can be adjusted independently of one another. There’s also a remote control so you can make adjustments from roughly 100 feet away, depending on the setup of the room. This is another professional-grade machine, but it’s at a much more reasonable price point than some of the others we found.

3. Tengchang 3-in-1 DMX Stage Machine

Our Rating


Another affordable & professional option is the Tengchang 3-in-1 DMX Stage Machine. This one packs 3000 watts of power and can be controlled either by remote or using the LCD screen. If you wish to use a DMX 512 Controller with this device, you can, but it is not included in the package.

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This machine has two cooling fans, 18 RGB LEDs, and heats up in eight to ten minutes. Similarly to the TC-Home machine, the Tengchang has an output distance of about 26 feet, and the remote control works up to 100 feet away when nothing’s blocking its path to the receiver.

Since this machine holds a liter of fluid at once, you don’t have to worry about refilling too often, which means you can focus on everything else going on, whether it’s putting out more party food or getting the party started on the dance floor.

4. MTFX Special Effects Smoke Bubble Machine

Last but not least, we have this Smoke Bubble Machine from MTFX Special Effects. This device creates 6000 smoke-filled bubbles per minute. It requires 8.5 liters per hour of MTFX approved bubble fluid and 0.275 liters per hour of MTFX approved smoke fluid.

For more information, contact MTFX directly or visit their website at mtfx.com to order the correct products. If you decide smoke bubbles aren’t necessarily your thing, you can always adjust the settings to produce a bubbles-only effect.

5. Chauvet Bubble Haze Machine


For our last option, we’ll switch it up a bit, and show you the Chauvet Bubble Haze Machine. Haze machines are similar to fog machines, but they produce a highly transparent “fog” that is almost completely see through. Haze is ideal when you don’t want to obstruct vision, but want to amplify lighting effects, as the light cuts and dances through the haze.

This fogger combines haze and bubble effects for in one powerful machine. It is on the pricier end of things coming in at close to $500, but this machine packs a huge punch. If you’re looking for a way to impress party guests or add a special touch to a photoshoot, this is the way to go.

This machine is relatively lightweight, incredibly easy to use, and perfect for birthdays, weddings, parties, and any other occasion on your roster. To give it that a bit of an edge, the Chauvet machine is compatible with both wireless and timer DMX controllers.

The machine is quite powerful, but probably not suitable for extra large gatherings. But it is excellent for smaller gatherings and events, and can run continuously throughout the party. It is able to recirculate unused bubble fluid, prolonging its life throughout the party.

If you want to check out this machine in action, we found a useful user review here.


Can You Use a Bubble Machine Indoors?

One of the most common questions about these devices is whether they are rated for indoor use. The answer is that it depends. Bubble foggers will leave some residue, both from the fog fluid and also the bubble fluid. However, if you buy high quality fluids, this shouldn’t be something you worry about. But it is good practice to clean up relatively soon after using a bubble machine, to eliminate any lingering residue.

So, yes, you can usually use it indoors (unless the machine says otherwise), but you may want to take extra caution, and be prepared to wipe off some residue afterwards. Of course, this will also depend on how many fog bubbles you have pumped into the air.


Now, with your new bubble fogger machine expertise, we hope you feel comfortable and empowered to venture out into the world of smoke, fog, and bubble machines and find the one that’s right for you!

Remember, these machines work for a wide variety of occasions and you can’t really go wrong with one of these top-rated products. Your best bet is to buy the machine that best matches your usage requirements. Consider how you intend to use the machine, and buy a foggy bubbler that has the power and functionality you require.

With proper planning and preparation, your guests are sure to rave about your party for a long time to come. Foggy bubble machines are used in a lot of professional stage design settings, particularly for rock concerts and other music events, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them at home. We hope we gave you all the information you need to make a smart choice when it comes to one of these machines.