Throw The Best House Party With This Guide!

If you’re thinking a birthday celebration at home might lack that little something to notch up the mood, you don’t need to buy a house party guide. The answer is quite simple. The thing you’re missing is a fog machine. This product gives users the chance to turn their homes into their own personal club.

throw the best house party with this guide

Why a house party?

The number of young people who favor house parties and private parties over clubbing has significantly grown over the last decade, and it is easy to see why. There are certain specific drawbacks to bars and clubs that can be very frustrating. For instance, when you invite more than four friends to a birthday celebration in a club, don’t you find it difficult and exhausting to try to get everyone engaged in the conversation over the loud music? And isn’t this loud music usually rather impersonal, or just awful? These are two big disadvantages for young adults, who have lots of friends from different backgrounds, and who love expressing who they are through the music they listen to and the themes they choose for events. House parties, on the other hand, favor interaction and allow people to really personalize the experience. 

Why fog machines?

Modern fog machines come in such a small size you can fit them into the palm of your hand. They are extremely easy to use, too. They only a single-button which anyone (with at least one finger) can operate. What’s more, they don’t use cables. They run on rechargeable batteries and some come with added smells if you (literally) want to add an extra flavor to the atmosphere. Last but not least, fog machines are usually safe for indoor use and can be ideal for setting the mood for a birthday party, or a Halloween party, or just any party! 

How to use a fog machine

There are several things you should do before your guests arrive, in order to get the best results from using your fog machine. 

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First, decide which room of the house you will put the fog machine in. Our advice is you should choose an area that has lots of ventilation. Once you’ve made your choice, make sure to take all valuable and delicate items out of the room. Although fog machines are safe for indoor use, they will cover everything in the room with a thin film. It’s very important, then, to remove from the room expensive furniture and any other item that may be costly to clean.

As crucial as it is to protect objects from the fog, it is more crucial to protect your guests from hazardous objects. Remember, no one will be able to see very well once the house is filled with smoke. You should check the room for tricky items and remove them to avoid your guests might get hurt or trip over them.

Finally, choose a safe spot to place the machine. Fog machines tend to to get very hot, so make sure to position the machine away from anything that might present a fire risk. Check there is plenty of ventilation too. If the smoke becomes too thick, it might make it hard and uncomfortable to breathe.

Is breathing in smoke from a fog machine unhealthy?

Not really. The “smoke” from these machines is just vapor. To be more precise, it is vegetable glycerin vapor. Is a fog machine as dangerous as vaping, then?  Is not exactly the same, as they differ in the number of chemicals they contain.  Is not the same to smoke tobacco than to smoke vapor from a liquid, which is what both fog machines and vaporizers do —heat liquids to turn them into an aerosolized vapor of very small liquid droplets. In short, breathing in vapor from a fog machine is not bad for your health.

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How to buy the best fog machine

Different fog machines will be appropriate for different contexts and situations. It depends on the size of the room where you’re going to place it, what effect you want to achieve, and how much money you are going to spend, among other factors. You should start by asking yourself what you are looking for in a fog machine. Let us help you with the most important factors you should take into account.


How big is the room where you’re going to throw the party? Is a small fog machine potent enough for a big open area? Is one unit enough for your needs? You might consider buying two small machines or one bigger unit.


How user-friendly are the models you have in mind? Does it require a lot of manual work? If you’re hosting a party, you will be very busy making sure everyone is having fun and nobody’s holding an empty glass, so you won’t want to be constantly holding down a button or turning your machine on and off. Nowadays, there are units which have autopilot operation, but mind you, the easier it is to use the machine, the more you will have to spend.


Small fog machines tend to be more affordable. If you realize you need more fog, you can get a second kit for your next party, since it won’t cost you a lot. Larger models are of course more powerful, since they are designed for bigger rooms and for professional use. But, although they might be more durable, you will be spending lots of money when it might not be really necessary to do so. 

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In short, a fog machine is that perfect extra something that will make your house meeting a real party that everyone will talk about for weeks. You just need to decide on a budget, assess different options, and get the unit that best fits your needs.

Still not convinced about house parties? Here are some tips

Some people might say that a party is not a real party without lots of people. But do you really need to be around dozens of strangers to have fun? Isn’t it more fun to be able to engage with friends or group of close buddies who you actually like and make you laugh? Besides, if you follow the right steps, your house party should prove to be as popular and they get. 

First, post an invitation on Facebook or Instagram inviting all your friends, and encourage them to bring other friends too. Also, choose an original, inviting theme that fits with the season or your friends’ group’s interests. Try to get creative with your theme! Think outside the box!

Second, let your guests know that your party is not short on delicious food and drinks. Prepare a variety of snacks and starters and colorful beverages which will encourage people to keep drinking and having fun. If you’re on a tight budget, you could ask your closest friends to bring some snacks and drinks too.

Games are one of the most fun and essential aspect of any great house party. A classic like Musical Chairs will get everyone involved and help you create a festive mood, especially if your guests are not very familiar with one another and they are acting shy. Make sure to check Buzzfeed’s list of the “20 Party Games that Are Fun at any Age”. That article is the only party house guide you will need.