Theefun 400-Watt Portable Fog Machine Review

Theefun 400-Watt Portable Fog Machine Review

Regardless of the amount of party decorating your next event will involve, there is just a single, essential mood enhancing element that can set your party apart from everything else. Any ideas as to what that might be?

No, well, it is a fog machine! If you want to add a flair of mystery and sheer curiosity to your wedding event, concert, theatrical performance, etc., a fog machine is the best thing money can buy. It is a simple, easy to use-machine that if used right, can last you a lifetime. 

Theefun 400-Watt Portable Fog Machine

However, before you go out to shop for one, you need to realize that buying a top-notch product is a prerequisite. That is why you should get your hands on the Theefun fog machine. It is lightweight, has easy to use controls, and can generate a lot of dense fog. Apart from sprucing up the event, creating a fog-effect is delightfully simple. 

There are a slew of methodologies to enhance the ambiance of the party you have planned. The Theefun fog device is a fun and quick way of generating some thick fog in the air, accentuating everything around it - and for that retro disco-feel at the club, dim the lights a bit more and play a romantic dance tune. 

About The Product

With a budget-friendly price and a plethora of features, the Theefun fog maker can become a staple for any fun event. In light of this, mentioned below are all the reasons why the device has taken the US market by storm.

Cutting-Edge Fog Spray

The spray-nozzle produces dense, uniform and consistent fog without interruption. The machine sprays 2000-cbf of mist, which is a bit low compared to other fog machines. However, what is lovely about the product is the fact that it just takes 2 minutes to heat. So, you can expect the room to fill with fog in only a couple minutes.

Good Distance

Another reason to get your hands on the Theefun fog machine is the fact it can spray mist up to 2 to 3 meters. That is an impressive range! Moreover, the feature enables you to strategically place the device and flood the entire event area with fog. 

Enhanced Durability

The fog maker is pure aluminum, which means it will not break that easily. However, that does not mean that you should start handling it roughly. But accidentally tipping it over a hard surface or knocking it down on the floor from a height of 2 or 3 feet will not do any damage.

Plus, the fog tool also has impressive heat dissipation capability, which ensures durability and lifelong performance.

Energy Saving

You will be surprised to know that this highly cost-effective fog machine comes with built in energy efficient technology and components. There is a wired remote control you can use to control when you need the fog and when you don't, conserving electricity.

Theefun 400-Watt Portable Fog Machine

Also the fog maker is non-toxic, so the vapor it produces is a mist that is safe to breathe in. But you need to refill the tank with quality fluid.

A Plethora Of Applications

Another advantage of the Theefun fog tool is that there are a variety of applications of the product. The device can act as a dehumidifier, repel insects and bugs, keep internal temperature regulated, etc. Besides, it is perfect for family entertainment, concerts, wedding festivals, birthdays, etc.


The fog machine is compact and portable. You can store it in the garage, your attic, or the storage unit in your basement.

What Others Say

There is no question the Theefun fog device has taken the U.S. markets by storm. Users are quite pleased with how easy it is to handle. A lot of other customers have stated that they used the machine for extended periods and it has not overheated.

Plus, the best thing about the device is that you can control the amount of fog generated by the machine via the wired remote control.

Although some aren't impressed with the device as it is for indoor use only, that is the only reason for a couple of average reviews. But with a low price and the rest of the features mentioned, the product is in high demand. Plus, some are not happy with how the machine disperses all the mist – it comes out from the top as well as from the default nozzle.

But those issues may be just a matter of preference. All in all, the product is reliable and has made a lot of people happy.

Buying Advice

You can get your hands on the Theefun fog machine for under $34 with free shipping on Amazon. With a price so low and a slew of great features, it is difficult to resist the urge to try the product out just once. That is initially how the fogging device became so famous.

Theefun 400-Watt Portable Fog Machine


The only drawback, or potential drawback depending on your personal preference, is the fact that it does not entirely disperse the fog out of the nozzle. Instead, you will see smoke coming out from the top of the device as if the product were on fire. It does help to create a fresh, happening atmosphere, but it can be counterintuitive if there are a significant amount of people attending the party.

Final Verdict

Without a doubt, the Theefun fog device can add a fun element to your events. What more could you possibly want from a fog device?

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