The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Fog Machine

The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Fog Machine

If you are one of those crazy cool people looking forward to hosting an enthralling night of endless Halloween fun come October, you’re definitely not alone.  It’s a pretty safe bet to say nothing works better than a fog machine to set the right mood when hosting your own personal little piece of haunted paradise, no matter where you happen to find yourself in the Fall.   This is definitely the one must-have accessory that never fails to create a thrilling and spooky ambiance to make every event a big success, no matter how large or small.  And we’re not just talking about when Halloween rolls around either.

No doubt there are lots of interesting ways to put the power of fog machines to work for you to set a unique mood for all types of killer events year round and then some. Fog machines serve as incredible tools to create fog or mist in the air. This effect is useful for everything from creating a haunting atmosphere while hosting parties, to rock concerts, as well as for filming unforgettable haunted houses. Many world renowned DJs, singers, bands, not to mention magicians and raging ravers, consistently rely on their fabulous fog machines to give them that extra edge to kick their performances up a notch and keep their enthralled audiences coming back for more.  If they can do it, so can you.  We’re here to show you how.  Read on to learn lots more about just exactly how you can make fog and fog machines your new best friends.

Creating fog is a big go to favorite amongst event managers and fun loving people who thrive on throwing parties. Moreover, thousands of professional theaters, studios, and homeowners count on fog machines as well for all kinds of uses.  So what exactly does a fog machine do anyway? It’s simple really when you stop to think about it. A fog machine pumps fog liquid from a tank into a heat exchanger which is then heated. It turns into a vapor which is forced through the machine’s output to fill up a room.  Give it a few minutes and you’ll be ready to rock.

Holding Fog Machine

Don’t be intimidated by a high-end fog machine and its hi-tech features. Many of today’s updated models are uber simple to use. So whether you’re a technophile, or a total technophobe, or anything in between,  you’re sure to be pumping out your own fog in no time, thanks to your fabulous user friendly fog machine.

An average user can safely benefit from a good quality fog machine for decorating their chosen venue once they know what they are looking for.  There are a multitude of fog machines out there now with  different specifications and features to help you choose the perfect model that best suits your requirements.

Before choosing the right product to invest in though, there are many factors that you must take into account. Make sure you know when and where you are going to use your fog machine.  Is it for a public space or a private party? Moreover, you should also measure the size of the room or venue where you intend to use it.

Some people prefer going for a gentle misty look, whereas other users are fond of a denser foggy look. You should also know whether you are going to use the machine indoors or outdoors.

In this buying guide, we aim to evaluate all the elements you must consider before purchasing the best professional fog machine. Moreover, you can also review our recommended products to assess which of them is the perfect fit for your requirements.

So let’s get started!

Product Name

Our Rating

Winner: Chauvet Dj Hurricane 1101 Fog Machine

Runner-Up: Theefun 400-Watt Portable Christmas And Party Fog Machine

Alternative: 1byone Halloween 400-Watt Smoke Machine

2nd Alternative: ADJ Mister Kool II Fog Machine

3rd Alternative: Rockville R700 Fog/Smoke Machine

What Is the Best Fog Machine?

Let’s take a look at our top recommendations for the best fog machine.

Winner: Chauvet Dj Hurricane 1101 Fog Machine

This product emerges as a clear winner on our list, thanks to its impressive safety features. The Chauvet Dj Hurricane 1101 is one of the best fog machines money can buy. The device is engineered by Chauvet and is solid proof of the brand’s sheer commitment to serve its clientele.

Some notable features:

  • Added safety with the LED-illuminated tank
  • A large tank with a 1.3L capacity
  • Updated fluid sensor with auto shut-off
  • plusQuick heat up
  • plusEasy controls
  • plusProduces an output of 8,000 cfm

The fog machine features a high quality LED tank with an automatic shut off to guard the pump. Users don’t have to worry about safety concerns since the device has adequate safety measures. Hence, the machinery never overheats due to prolonged use.

The Chauvet Hurricane is a water-based fogger. It takes just 5 minutes to heat up the machine. Users are happy to get a 1.3L tank capacity to create 8,000 cfm of atmospheric fog.

The model’s LED-illuminated tank also boasts a fluid level indicator on the back. That allows the users to see when they have to refill it quickly. It is safe to use thanks to an auto shutdown function in case a user is too busy to observe when the fog machine is empty.

Chauvet DJ Hurricane 1101 Fog Machine



You also get a wired remote and manual fog button to ensure that it delivers perfectly timed fog or puffs. The model comes with a hanging bracket so you can conveniently use it with lighting effects.

It is a professional grade fog machine that can easily fill up the entirety of a medium-sized room within the span of just a few minutes. The product delivers an awe-inspiring performance.

It is a highly recommended fog machine for creating the perfect misty environment to spark excitement at all kinds of events. However, users mainly use it for Halloween parties.

A large-sized tank, a fluid sensor with automatic shut-off and a manual fog button are the highlights of the Chauvet Dj Hurricane 1101. Now you don’t have to worry about the fog machine overheating when it is working without direct supervision.

Buyers who have purchased the machine from Amazon have posted several positive reviews to validate its popularity. The product holds a decent rating score and is available for around just $121 with free shipping on Amazon.

Runner-Up: Theefun 400-Watt Portable Christmas And Party Fog Machine

Reaching our runner-up spot on our recommendation list, this energy-saving product has been a notable addition to the fog machine industry. Thanks to its vast popularity, no birthday or Halloween party is complete without this affordable fog machine.

Some notable features:

  • Energy saving
  • Non-toxic fog spray
  • Intuitive controls
  • plusTough aluminum construction

With the Theefun 400 Watt fog machine, you benefit from several unique features combined to deliver exceptional performance.

Intuitive features ensure anyone can use it effortlessly. Thanks to a wired remote control and a long power cord, you can efficiently use it indoors. No guesswork is required to make this machine work since it has a visible fluid level.

Theefun 400-Watt Portable Fog Machine



One of the best features of this model is that it claims to produce an utterly non-toxic fog. Moreover, the machine also saves a significant amount of energy during its use.

If you are looking for a sturdy, portable fog machine to add magic to your Christmas or holiday party, get your hands on the Theefun 400-Watt today for a uniform and unscented fog. The device warms up within minutes to produce an impressive output of 2000 cfm and 2-3 m distance.

Users are happy to get impressive features including a built in power cord, a wired push button remote, and a visible fluid level. Thanks to a robust aluminum body, the product is highly durable and features good heat dissipating capabilities.

It is a perfect addition for enhancing your party atmosphere. You can install it in concert halls, auditoriums, nightclubs, wedding venues, and so on. Over 200 customers have purchased it from Amazon and consider it a valuable purchase. Order it today for about just $34 to get free shipping on Amazon.

Alternative: 1byone Halloween 400-Watt Smoke Machine

If you are looking for other options, the 1byone 400 Watt fog machine adds the perfect spooky touch to your Halloween, wedding or dance party. This fog machine claims to produce non-toxic smoke to ensure that everyone who is enjoying your party remains safe.

Some notable features:

  • Produces an output of 2000 cfm at 2-3 meters
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Non-toxic
  • plusCompact design
  • plusTough aluminum construction
  • plusSmall aluminum body

The model continually provides light, unscented fog throughout its operation. This product utilizes 400 watts and features easy to use controls. Users get a fantastic output capacity of 2000 cfm.

The 1byone fog machine is highly recommended thanks to its non-toxic emission performance and easy to operate controls.

Users find the wired remote control incredibly helpful to take complete control of this machine. The fogger has a visual meter that contains the fog fluid. It features a tank capacity of 300ml.

1byone Halloween Fog Machine



Users praise the model’s high-quality design and robust aluminum construction. This sturdy build greatly contributes to the durability of this product.

Just add fog fluid and turn on the machine to take complete charge of the fogger with the wired remote control. You also get a power cable and a user manual to help first-time users.

The product comes with a 1-year warranty. If you have any queries about the product, feel free to get in touch with their prompt, professional customer service department.

Over 1,000 customers on Amazon are happy with its user-friendly features and impressive performance. It is the best fog machine for the money. You can purchase it on for only around $39 with free shipping.

2nd Alternative: ADJ Mister Kool II Fog Machine

The ADJ Mister Kool II currently ranks as the best low lying fog machine. It is a perfect addition to any spooky event or party to create the ideal eerie dry ice fog effect.

Some notable features:

  • Quick warm-up time (3 minutes)
  • Low-lying fog stays to produce a dry ice effect
  • Utilizes standard ice cubes and water-based fog juice
  • plusIncludes a 12 foot long wired remote with manual and continuous buttons
  • plusEfficient water drainage mechanism for convenient clean-up
  • plusIdeal for professional-level special effects
  • plusOutput: 3,000 cubic feet per minute

It is a professional-grade low lying fog machine that is used by professional artists to add fog effects in TV scenes and movies. Moreover, it is also a favorite accessory for producing fog effects during stage performances.

Mister Kool II works like a standard fog machine. However, it incorporates one of the most advanced technologies for generating thick, low-lying fog. This device utilizes an economical water-based fog juice to create low-lying clouds that are perfect for adding effects in various situations.

It is a highly recommended piece of equipment for professionals who run a small or medium-sized production house. Thanks to its high-end features and affordability, anyone who is in the entertainment industry can significantly benefit from its atmosphere-enhancing capabilities.

ADJ Mister Kool II Fog Machine



If you are a DJ or an entertainer, the Mister Kool II is the perfect addition to your gear collection. It is a highly popular model to set the right mood for any wedding or event.

The model features an impressive fluid consumption rate of 90ml/min and loads up to 4 pounds of ice in the chiller box. Users are continually impressed with its powerful 8 minutes non-stop operation from just one fluid tank.

The model has a water drainage system featured on its rear panel. It makes it easy to conveniently empty the machinery of melted ice. There is also a storage bag and a plastic tube that is effortlessly attached to the valve for collecting and disposing of water waste. It ensures that you can quickly clean the machine after using it.

Multiple customers have posted positive reviews of the product on where you can enjoy a whopping discount of almost $50. That means you can get this model for only about $150 with free shipping if you buy it from Amazon.

3rd Alternative: Rockville R700 Fog/Smoke Machine

This is another one of our favorite smoke machines that efficiently produces a steady fog stream. The Rockville R700 Fog Machine is a great choice thanks to its sturdy aluminum construction and an array of impressive features.

Some notable features include:

  • Output capacity: 3,000cfm
  • Perfect for all indoor and outdoor events
  • Manual fog button
  • plusWater-based model compatible with standard fog fluid
  • plusIncredibly portable
  • plusWired remote and Wireless timer remote included
  • plusMore reliable than other expensive fog machines
  • plusProduces a dense fog that lasts longer in the air

It features an ideal fluid tank that saves 300 ml fluid at a time. It is one of the best-rated fog machines that is highly popular among users owing to its exceptional performance and durability.

Users enjoy a constant, uniform, and unscented fog perfect for adding great fun to any party or event.

The Rockville R700 is a must-have because it delivers the same results you are likely to get out of other expensive models.

When it comes to affordability and performance, this is a great option to fit your budget.

Rockville R700 Fog/Smoke Machine



The manufacturers of this exceptional fog machine have included both wired and a wireless timer remote with this device. The fog machine disperses fog for 30 seconds by hitting a single button. The R700 is an incredibly affordable and durable fog machine that claims to produce twice the output as machines from other leading brands.

Dozens of customers on have praised its performance by giving this model positive reviews. It is a highly economical way to add great fun to your Halloween party or any entertainment event to offer unlimited fun. Order it today for just $39 and get free shipping on each order from

Top Reasons Why You Should Buy a Fog Machine

If you are in the entertainment business or like to host regular parties or events, you’ve no doubt come across a fog machine. These are popular accessories for creating a spooky atmosphere. No matter where you are or how you’d like to use them, there are many different models with different specs and features to offer a user-friendly experience.

Whether you are using these machines indoors or outdoors, they are perfect for setting up the right ambiance. A fog machine is particularly helpful in creating the ideal environment for all occasions. Thanks to their popularity, they are widely used for all kinds of events and at all kinds of venues.

From haunted houses to wedding ceremonies, they are a must-have accessory to add the desired effects to make any event a raging success that will no doubt keep people talking long after it’s over.

A fog machine adds a magical winter wonderland effect to a set or scene by producing a steady stream of fog. Moreover, it also serves as a crucial accessory during a creative photoshoot to add grand effects for fabulous results that get noticed.

Types of Fog Machines

One of the first things you should consider when choosing a fog machine is the wattage of the machine. There are different wattage sizes, and they typically range between 400 and 1000 watts.

The smaller units will have a smaller volume of fog, which is measured in cubic feet per minute. So, when choosing, always consider the size of the area you want to fog.

400-watt machines: this can create approximately 1500 cubic feet of fog each minute. It is ideal for one room and for home use.

700-watt machines: this allows for about 3500 cubic feet of fog per minute and is good for a yard or larger space.

1000 watt machines: this is the largest fog machine you can purchase. It allows for about 4500 cubic feet of fog per minute and is ideal for larger spaces and venues.

Ground fog machines: this is a slower kind of fog that appears to be lurking along the ground. For this effect, the machine will require a fog juice that has been specifically formulated for this kind of effect and to keep the fog laying low. It allows for a creepy and almost Hollywood styled graveyard effect.

Factors to Pay Attention to When Choosing Your Fog Machine

Before purchasing your desired fog machine, make sure you assess its features and controls so as not to encounter any complications during its use. It is essential to consider how and where you want to use your fog machine.

Moreover, go for good, reliable brands and trust in authentic, verifiable sources to make your purchase online with confidence.

Silver Fog Machine

It is also important to pay attention to a product’s warranty. The fluid is not interchangeable between most machines and buyers are often limited to purchasing the same brand fluid as their model of fog machine.

Moreover, users must purchase a unit with a timer. That gives them more control over the amount of time they want their machines to operate. It also prevents the device from overheating and running through its fluid too fast.

Another critical concern for indoor users is that they should monitor the fog release levels of a model. That is because most fog machines that produce a dense fog can activate smoke detectors. So, make sure you check the reviews about each model’s fog density.

Another precaution that users can take before hosting a large venue is to check the site’s smoke detectors before the event. This will make sure that they won’t be set off by dense fog clouds.

To be more specific and evaluate the most crucial features of a fog machine, here are a few factors you must take into account before purchasing the right fog machine to suit your needs.


When a consumer is browsing through different products to choose the best fog machine for the money, he must check its cubic feet per minute rating and wattage. The wattage levels for all models can range from 400-1000 watts.

Naturally, higher wattages produce more fog. Moreover, the machine is also more durable since the more powerful device avoids a reheat cycle.

A machine lasts much longer when it doesn’t have to use its reheat cycle. Hence, choose a suitable wattage and cubic feet per minute rating to cover your venue.


Buyers who are looking to buy a fog machine for creating a spooky effect for their Halloween party can benefit from a small-sized device.

Some of these fog makers are designed to offer portability and outdoor use. Large-sized machines are ideally used for professional settings and are difficult to move or hide.


Many fog machines are notoriously noisy. Hence, customers must consider the amount of noise they can endure. It is best to invest in a product that sends out a quiet sheet of mist. Plus, high-end fog makers produce less noise. Keep in mind that all fog machines produce a hiss like sound.

Fog Machine

Don’t ruin your event by purchasing a cheap product that gives you the right amount of smoke but makes too much noise.

Fog Output

When buying a fog machine, one of the most important things to consider is the CFM(Cubic Feet Per Minute), basically the density of the fog it generates. But as with most subjective things, CFM ratings are not standardized, so it’s best to take the manufacturer’s rating with a grain of salt.

A combination of the CFM and Wattage rating will give you a much better picture of how the fog machine will perform. Another important point to consider is the distance the fog is ejected from the machine.


The purpose for which you are purchasing the device helps to decide the ideal weight of your fog machine. For occasional use, you can invest in a commercial product that gives you a steady fog stream without making too much noise.

However, if you are looking for a compact and portable fog machine, choose a light-weight product, so you don’t have to encounter any problems while using it.


Almost all fog machines feature intuitive controls. It is important to check reviews of a model to know how user-friendly its features are. Most models come with wired and wireless controls to guarantee convenient use.

You should buy a timed unit that gives you the freedom to leave the machine on without worrying about overheating it. This way, you can prevent permanent damage to add to the lifespan of a model. If you choose a fog machine with a timer, it will automatically turn on and off at your desired times, eliminating the need to monitor it.


Fog fluid comes as glycol and water-based solution. Every machine boasts a unique heat process and needs the right chemical composition to operate flawlessly. Pay attention to the fog fluid requirements of a model as it is an integral part of your user experience.

Fog Machine Accessories

If you want a more versatile fog machine that is enjoyable, then there are a few accessories you can choose to purchase separately to enhance the already cool effect you have going on.

Fog Juice. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for fog juice. Yes, you can create different effects with a different liquid, but you still need to be sure that it is going to be compatible with the fog machine you are using.

fogworx extreme high density fog juice

Scents. You can also find some specially created scents to add more character to the fog you are using. Adding a foul smell to a creepy mist can go a long way in creating a more realistic and spookier environment. You can also choose a more pleasant scent if you wish as well.

professor mysterious fog scent

Never add any kind of scent liquid to the machine that is not intended for use in a fog machine. Doing so and going against the manufacturer’s recommendations can damage your machine.

Remote Control. This is a standard feature on some fog machines and is a good way to let you enjoy your party and worry less about controlling the fog machine. Many remotes have interval settings and duration settings so you can program your fog machine.

sharelife wireless remote controller

Timers. This is a set it and forget it kind of thing that is useful while hosting an event. It allows you to be free to roam instead of having to babysit your fog machine at all times.

forum novelties timer control

Cleaning Solution. Before you pack away your fog machine, you need to clean it. Some of the fog juice components can cause the machine to become clogged, and you don’t want to skip this maintenance step before storing the device. If you do, it may be inoperable when you pull it out again for your next event. Fog machine cleaning solutions make the process easy, or you can also use a distilled water and vinegar mix to clear clogs and clean the machine as well.

chauvet fog machine cleaner


Apart from being a must-have accessory to create the perfect ambiance for your Halloween parties, fog machines are valuable tools for producing misty darkness on demand.  These devices are available in all types of different sizes, specifications, and price tags to suit any budget. Rest assured, no matter what your needs are, or how you intend to you use it, there’s definitely a fog machine out there with your name on it.

Things get even better when you stop to consider they now often come with the latest, advanced modern features so that users don’t have to deal with any unexpected complications when using their fog machine. That is why they are now accessible items among both professional and amateur users alike. Fog machines have come a long way from the days when they were just expensive, cumbersome tech tools reserved for trained FX Professsionals. Today, or maybe even as soon as tomorrow,  you as the potential user and investor stand to benefit from just how far the technology has progressed.  This is one case where both time and evolving technology are definitely on your side. So don’t let unfounded fear of technical failure stop you on your quest to find the perfect fog machine for you. Set that unfounded fear aside, and who knows? You may just find your fun, fog filled future calling…

Special Effects Fog

If you want to turn a simple dance party, wedding, or karaoke night into an epic and memorable event; trust in the capabilities of a fog machine to do the magic for you. They are also great for complimenting your movie and theatre performances with spine-tingling special effects. Just be prepared for your fanbase to explode in record time. In any case, as we’re sure you’ve clued into by now,  the possibilities are endless. You are only limited by your own ingenuity and imagination.

Whether you are just getting started on your journey to fog machine ownership, or are already a diehard fog machine fanatic, we hope you now feel  a lot better prepared to understand how to make the best choice for you when it comes to choosing the best fog machine.  The best choice is usually an informed choice. By following the instructions and tips we have mentioned in this buying guide, you can now no doubt safely and confidently invest in the right fog machine to suit your needs. Good luck! Getting your own fog machine may just turn out to be the best decision you ever made.

Fog Machine FAQ

How is the fog produced?

The fog fluid goes through a heating element inside of the fog machine. It heats the liquid to above its boiling point which then transforms it into a vapor. The vapor then leaves the fog machine heat exchanger to mix with the cooler air outside, and this causes it to expand and condense which produces the fog effect.

Is there a difference between a smoke machine and a fog machine?

No. There is no difference. All fog machines use some kind of heating element that is designed to operate at a specific temperature.

Will a fog machine set off my smoke alarm?

Even artificial smoke like what you find with a fog machine can set off a smoke alarm. To do this, though, the smoke has to be dense enough to reach the smoke alarm in the first place.

Why is the wattage of a fog machine important?

This is what determines how much fog the machine can produce and how long that fog will be produced. The higher end models have higher wattages while most consumer models have a wattage level of between 400 and 1000 watts.

How often do I have to clean my fog machine?

It is best to clean your fog machine after 40 hours of use or every two weeks. You should also clean the machine and clear any clogs before you store it away as well.



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