10 Interesting Uses For Fog Machines

When most people buy their very first portable fog machine, they’re usually doing it for one very special holiday. Halloween is by far the most popular time to get your fog machine out and make your party look spooky, but what about the other 364 days of the year?

If you’ve recently invested in an indoor fog machine or are thinking about doing so, you’re probably wondering what other cool things you can do with this device. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 10 interesting uses for your fog machine that you might not have thought of before, so you can put it to good use the entire year round.

fog machine interesting uses

#10: Theater Production

When you’re on stage, you want everything to look as realistic as possible and give the audience the feeling that they’re right there with you in the scene. Sometimes, the addition of a light fog or dense smoke can be a great effect to use for theater productions and when you couple them with the right lighting show they can really be dramatic.

Every good theater house should have a fog machine at the ready, and they can be used for just about any type of play or production.

#9: Kids Parties

Nobody enjoys the magic of fog more than kids, so take a chance to use one at their next birthday party.

There are so many fun ways you can incorporate a smoke machine whether it’s creating a fun entryway, taking photos of the kids, on the dancefloor, or just to fill up the room and let them have fun with the hazy look of a ground fog machine. Just be sure you choose the right fog fluid and one that’s not going to irritate anyone.

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#8: Photo Shoot

With the right lighting and effects, you can portray just about anything with a camera. Adding a fog machine to the set will help you create so many different looks so it’s a must-have for a professional photographer or studio.

You can create mystique, romance, horror, suspense, or whimsical beauty, and it’s all possible with the right fog machine ready to go. The haze it creates comes out spectacularly on film and it has to be seen to be believed, and using a fog machine remote you can even do your very own photoshoot.

#7: Weddings

Weddings are all about creating the mood, and although most people think of spooky things when they talk about fog machines, they’re actually perfect for setting a romantic scene.

The whispy look of smoke and fog surrounding the dancefloor on the couple’s first dance or gently floating around them as they get their photos taken will be an instant atmosphere changer. Opt for a no scent fog otherwise the overpowering smell could take all of the focus away from the happy couple, which nobody wants to do.

#6: Haunted House

We know that Halloween is the best time to use your fog machine but the place where you can have the most fun with it is making your own haunted house. There’s no need to build anything, simply use your front yard or the home you already have.

Putting the fog machine on will fill the area with a spooky mist and help to hide the fact that it’s just your plain old home underneath. Kids and adults alike both love the effects of fog machines so there’s no limit to who can enjoy them.

10 Interesting Uses For Fog Machines- Haunted House

#5: Dramatic Entrance

If you’re someone who likes to make a big entrance or there’s a special event coming up where you need to make sure the main guest will be noticed, your fog machine can come in handy.

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Spend some time setting up your machine in the entryway and fill it with some fog before the main guest comes out. They’ll be able to walk through the fog and make their big entrance, and it’ll be made even more impressive with the right music and lighting to set the scene.

#4: Fire Training

Anyone who has to partake in fire training at their work or organization already knows how hard it can be to get people involved. By adding a little bit of fake smoke from your fog machine, you’ll create the effect that a real fire can have.

This smoke will make it easy for people to see just how difficult it can be trying to navigate your way to the exit in the case the real deal should happen, and will only make your training more useful.

#3: Magic Shows

You’ll be hard pressed finding someone who doesn’t enjoy a good magic show. One way to make the illusions even more exciting and mystifying are to add smoke from your fog machine. Fog can set the mood for mystery and make the tricks seem even more amazing to the audience, so it’s one way to instantly improve your magic skills.

#2: Music Concerts

Being at a live music concert is one of the most thrilling things ever, but adding the wonder of a fog machine will give people even more for their senses.

Smoke machines can be installed with an audio system and light show, so they can all be synchronized with a fog machine timer. Otherwise, you can control it for yourself and make your very own special effects to suit the genre of music.

10 Interesting Uses For Fog Machines- Music Concert

#1: Dance Parties

Dance parties are great at any age and in any location. There’s no limit to how you can set them up, the music you can play, and the guests you can invite. One thing that can really ramp up any dance floor is a party fog machine and it creates an instant atmosphere of fun.

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You don’t even need to have lights to make it fun, just a bit of music and some people who are willing to dance.