1byone 400-Watt Fog Machine Review

1byone Fog Machine Review

A common concern when operating a fog machine is the toxic nature of the smoke that it produces. This reason is why professionals are seeking alternatives to conventional machines that can produce the desired effect, yet without the toxicity. The constant progression in fog machine technology means that you now have the perfect solution to this problem.

Modern machines produce smoke that is non-toxic, ensuring that all the people attending the event or party remain safe. You can use these machines for any event, including weddings, dance parties, and even Halloween.

In fact, you can create the perfect spooky atmosphere when you have a fog machine that produces the right quantity of smoke. You don't have to worry about toxicity or even smell.

This feature adds to the versatility of modern fog machines, and this reason is why you should go against the option of conventional models. The only catch is that you have to spend significant time researching before you can select the right product. Many brands offer these models, and therefore, selecting one can prove a tricky task.

About the Product

1byone is a leading manufacturer of tech and innovative products. The company provides a high-quality fog machine, which suits all your requirements and at the same time, offers many handy features.

The 400-Watt Halloween Fog Machine is a decent product available at an affordable price that will suit the needs of all professionals. Here is an overview of the features that you can find in this model and how they will benefit you:

Light Unscented Fog

You don’t have to worry about the density of the fog or its thickness. This fog machine emits smoke that is light and unscented, which makes it perfect for use indoors as well. Professionals can use this machine for weddings and events where usually fog machines might not be in demand.

Powerful Motor

The model comes with a power output of 400 watts, while you can also opt for the 100-watt model. The powerful motor ensures that the output capacity of this machine is high, providing up to 2,000 CFM of output.

Easy to Use

The controls of this fog machine are user-friendly. This feature makes the machine easy to use and you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning the controls. The machine also comes with a wired remote control, which allows you to control this machine conveniently from a distance.

You also get the visual meter that also serves as the tank for the fog fluid. The capacity of the tank is 300 ml.


This fog machine is highly durable and will offer long-term use and performance. The machine is comprised of high-quality aluminum, which the brand uses to enhance its sturdiness. The material used for construction also protects the machine from rust and corrosion; another reason why this product offers great value for money.

Easy to Operate

You simply have to add the fog fluid to the machine and turn it on, and it will start emitting smoke. You can then use the remote control to operate the machine without having to be nearby.

User Manual

The machine comes with a user manual so you can consult it if you have any trouble operating the controls.

Non-Toxic Smoke

The smoke this machine emits is not only unscented but also non-toxic, which makes it safe for the people in the vicinity. You can ensure the fog does not cause unwanted health issues for people who might suffer from respiratory problems.

Compact Design

The powerful motor comes in a compact machine. The machine has a compact design to reduce its footprint. This feature also adds to the portability of the machine, which makes it ideal for professionals who handle many events every month. You can conveniently carry the machine around to any place where you want to use it, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

One-Year Warranty

1byone offers a one-year warranty on the product. This warranty makes the purchase risk-free for you, as you can use it to see if it meets your requirements. The manufacturer will cover any damage or repairs required. This reason is why you should consider purchasing this model as compared to other options on the market.



1-year warranty

Some users faced issues with power

Compact design

Non-toxic and unscented smoke


Easy to use

Remote control


Powerful motor

Light Fog

Creating Fog

We do have a few words of caution when using this fog machine at your next event. If you use this fog machine indoors, it is sure to fog you out of the room in under ten minutes. It may also set off smoke alarms according to some user accounts.

This particular fog machine doesn't come with fog juice either, so you will have to purchase it separately, or you can make your own fog juice with a simple distilled water and glycerin combination.

Fog Liquid

1. Gallon Fog Juice for Water Based Fog Machines

This fog liquid creates a dense fog that is unscented and long-lasting. It is a non-toxic formula and is safe to use.

It is also the ideal fog liquid to use in combination with amazing lighting effects and other general light enhancement at your next event. This fog liquid can be used in any high-quality fog machine.

This fog liquid is clean, dry, and odorless. It has a high-density formulation that allows for much better dispersion and is longer lasting. It can be used with any water-based fog machines like the 1byone 400. The best news? It is actually optimized for these 400-watt fog machines! It has been made with premium pharmaceutical grade chemicals and is capable of producing fog that will be sure to impress your guests.

What Others Say

This product received a large number of positive reviews on Amazon from people who purchased and used it, including professionals. A majority of these people are happy with the performance of the fog machine and recommend it to other customers.

However, a few people experienced some problems when using this product. A couple of customers mentioned that the machine did not work properly right out of the box. One of the reviews stated that the customer tested the product, and it worked fine but did not deliver the same level of performance later.

1byone Halloween Fog Machine

Source: 1byone.com

On the other hand, a customer wrote that this fog machine is bigger than many other models on the market and costs more, but he couldn't be happier with this purchase.

A review mentioned that the customer bought this machine after using a cheaper model, and this one performs perfectly. A customer wrote that he placed the machine on his front porch, and it created the perfect effect, exactly the way he wanted.

Buying Advice

You can purchase this fog machine from Amazon for around $35. You might have to pay extra for shipping, depending on the seller you select.

A 400-watt fog machine like this one can create around 1500 cubic feet of fog per minute and is the perfect machine for home use when you are just trying to add fog to one room. When purchasing a fog machine, this is an important consideration to keep in mind. How large is the space you intend to fill with fog?

The higher the wattage, the more area the fog machine can cover. Also, when choosing the fog liquid, determine how dense you want the fog to be. A professional strength fog juice, for example, is capable of creating a much denser fog that allows for better dispersion and much more coverage.

Final Verdict

A few defective units aside, there are no real drawbacks to using this fog machine. This product can prove the perfect purchase for professionals seeking non-toxic and unscented smoke.

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