The Difference Between A Fog Machine Vs Haze Machine

The Difference Between A Fog Machine Vs Haze Machine

When you’re trying to think of how to add instant atmosphere to an event or space, one of the easiest fixes is to use a fog machine. With a fog machine, you can create any type of look from creepy and eerie to soft and romantic, and all with the one device.

One other type of effect maker that is also commonly used is a haze machine, but how do they differ? People often wonder which is the best choice for their event and in the debate for fog vs haze, it seems there are some times when one might be the better option.

While they’re somewhat similar, there are some differences that help them stand apart in certain settings.

We’re here to weigh up those differences of the haze machine vs fog machine so you know which will be the perfect choice for your next event. By looking at the best times to put each machine to use and what type of spaces they suit, you’ll have the perfect atmosphere booster that can transform any room into something amazing.

What Is The Difference Between Haze Vs Fog Machine?

Haze Machine

A fog machine is the most common type of machine when it comes to the two and it uses a special fog juice or liquid. The liquid is heated up inside the machine which then has a mechanism to vaporize it so that it turns into the fog that we recognize.

A haze machine works somewhat similarly to a fog machine with a few slight differences. They work just like a fog machine in that they output fog but it looks different.

Where a fog machine heats the liquid, a haze machine actually uses an air compressor to turn the liquid into a vapor which is then dispersed. The result is a lighter type of haze and one that isn’t as intense.

The outcome of both machines gives a totally different look. A haze machine is almost unrecognizable and most people won’t be able to see it in the air.

The best way to use this device is in conjunction with a laser or other light as it helps the effects to stand out. The fog machine creates a thick fog that can cover the floor or in the air, and can be adjusted to suit whatever look you’re going for.

How Does The Fluid Differ?

The fluid used vs fog machine is also different, and this has a great impact on the final effect. Hazer machines usually work with a mixture of mineral oil and this means that the haze hangs for a longer time in the area, but is less intense.

Fog liquid is made with distilled water and pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol but may feature other ingredients. There are many different types of fog juice that each have their own effects, for example, one may be low lying that sits low to the ground or another may be thick. Depending on the effect you want, you can choose the liquid to suit.

When Is A Haze Machine Best?

Haze Machine On Concert

Knowing when to use each of these machines is the best approach, as there are times when one will shine more than another. If you have a haze machine, these are some of the settings that they will definitely be put to good use:

  • A show, production or musical where you want the effect of smoke or mist without it being too overpowering
  • A professional photo shoot where the photographer wants to give off a romantic or whimsical vibe with a light haze
  • A concert or festival where a stage needs to be set and they require some light mist to create a moody effect
  • Anywhere a light show will take place that allows the particles from the haze machine to help the lighting stand out

When Should You Use A Fog Machine?

Fog machines are usually more versatile than haze machines and have many different uses. Owning a fog machines means you’re set to create just about any type of atmosphere you want and they can be used throughout the year. Here are some ways to put yours to good use:

  • Weddings: The first dance is the perfect time to get the fog machine out and make the room look romantic
  • Halloween: There’s nothing as spooky as fog and Halloween is the best time to get your fog machine out. You can create an eerie graveyard, a walk through house of horrors, or just light up the dancefloor or event space with fog
  • Dances: The dancefloor can be instantly transformed with a fog machine and you have the option to keep it low to the ground for a better effect
  • Larger events: A fog machine is capable of creating quite a lot of fog if you have the right one, so they’re ideal for outdoor spaces where you have a lot of ground to cover

Making The Right Choice For Your Event

Using Fog Machine In Wedding

There are so many great looks you can create with either a haze machine or fog machine. Whether you’re trying to create a romantic setting for a married couple’s first dance or turn your home into a spooky playground for Halloween, having either of these machines can make a huge difference.

For those who like to entertain a lot, investing in a fog machine is usually the best first option. However, if your budget allows for it you could get yourself a haze machine as well, so you have the best of both worlds.

Haze and fog can be a whole lot of fun and it’s something that people of all ages can enjoy. These machines add instant atmosphere to even the most boring room, and when you have one it will provide years of enjoyment wherever you take it.

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